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Lanner Moor Playing Field

The Lanner Moor Playing Field is owned by Fields In Trust (formerly the National Playing Fields Association) and has been managed and maintained by Council since 2008 under a lease.

The recreation ground offers extensive grass areas for free play and has an extensive range of equipment suitable for use by toddlers to teens. This includes a ‘three on three’ basketball court, installed with support from Sport England, and skateboard ramps used by skaters and BMX enthusiasts. In 2019, installation of equipment to enable integrated play by able and less able children was made possible using financial reserves with additional support of generous community fundraising efforts. The area now boasts a cradle swing, see saw and table tennis table.

The public toilets are also at this location. There is a 20p charge to use the facilities. The charge is made to help reduce the incidence of vandalism and to offset sanitary and cleaning costs. It is planned to improve and upgrade these facilities as funds permit.

There is a litter bin. Please use this to keep the field safe and tidy.

Dogs are not permitted within the Playing Field and adherence to this policy is appreciated.