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How can I protect my bags of rubbish from animals and birds?

There have been many news reports and discussion articles about protecting rubbish from attack from animals and birds when it is placed in time for roadside collection.

In the past few weeks it has been noted that an increasing number of black bags have been ripped open, particularly by seagulls and obviously the result is an area strewn with rubbish.  The Refuse Collection Teams do not have the resources available to clear it all and we commend the efforts that they do make.

Council are committed to supporting efforts to ensure that Lanner is a pleasant place to live and work and hold a contract with a Litter Picker who works extremely hard to remove as much as possible. We would like to reduce the amount that is blown around after such incidents.

Residents are requested to consider either placing a cover over the bags or to obtain a ‘seagull proof bag’ that are available from Cornwall Council at One Stop Shops.

Cornwall Council offer this information:

How can I protect my bags of rubbish from animals and birds?

You can buy a traditional rubbish bin or a wheelie bin and put your bagged rubbish out for collection in the bin. As bins are emptied by hand we prefer that wheeled bins are not bigger than 140 litres.

You can also buy reusable seagull proof bags for £3.50 at our one stop shops.  The seagull proof bags hold around three black sacks of rubbish.  They have a secure Velcro fastening, a tie at the back and a weighted base to stop them blowing away after collection.

Further information regarding rubbish disposal and recycling and individual responsibilities is available at:

Thank you for working with us to keep the parish clean.


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