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There are opportunities for everyone – whatever your age, levels of skill or physical fitness – to get involved and support the efforts of Council to improve and maintain life within the parish.

Volunteering not only keeps costs reasonable but there is an increasing need to join together to ensure Lanner is a pleasant and safe place to live and work.

To offer your help and support please click the button below.

Footpath Walking

The provision and maintenance of footpaths and bridleways are the statutory responsibility of Cornwall Council, but Lanner Parish Council works in partnership through a local agreement to ensure a cutting schedule is delivered and paths are trimmed regularly. The surface of paths and structures remain the responsibility of Cornwall Council but it’s really helpful if we can offer updates on any defects. By being their eyes, we can often speed up repairs, clear obstructions and improve safety.

If you like walking and are keen to ramble some of the 12 miles of footpaths/bridleways that are within Lanner we would love to hear from you – see above. Our volunteers regularly update us on the condition of the paths and areas that require attention, for example, broken waymakers or damaged stiles, which we can then work with Cornwall Council to address.

Many of our walkers carry a ‘black sack’ to collect litter in and a supply of dog poo bags which can be politely offered to others who have four legged friends with them.

Photographs of ‘problems’ are much appreciated and sometimes we receive pictures of views or flora and fauna which brightens our day and can be featured on the website!

Tree Planting Group

In 2020 the Council took delivery of 420 saplings for planting at various locations. Unfortunately, the situation with coronavirus has halted work on this for now but please look out for details of planting events which we hope can be arranged for the autumn.

If you are interested click the above button and let us know, we’ll ensure you are kept in touch with plans for planting.

Litter Pick Group

Council plans to stage a litter pick during each quarter and would be delighted if many within the community can join in. Pick sticks, black sacks and gloves are supplied along with a map showing all the areas to be covered.

Watch out for news on when our next one will be and we hope to meet you at the Lanner Village Hall to start.

Churchyard/Lawn Cemetery

The Churchyard is an historic site and many of the graves will reflect the history of the life and times enjoyed in Lanner. Unfortunately, there are no formal records of burial and so information can only be gained from details on headstones or local knowledge. Some compilation of these details has been undertaken but a review would be worthwhile so that data can be checked and updated.

Now that the Churchyard is officially ‘closed’ Council have secured a Service Level Agreement with Cornwall Council. This means that grass cutting will be arranged and managed by the parish council with partial financial support being received. A huge amount of work has already been done, with the excellent services of Cormac, but there remains a need for ongoing maintenance and improvement to protect and enhance the flora and fauna that form an important part of this resting place. In particular, attending to those gardening tasks not covered by our grass cutting contractor such as pruning shrubs and other skills requiring green fingers.

Within the Lawn Cemetery there is a Garden of Reflection that provides a tranquil spot for visitors to both areas. This would certainly benefit from some further attention and care and offers a good opportunity to those looking for some lighter horticultural tasks.

Over the coming months we will be evaluating the work needed to establish an effective program that volunteers can contribute to.

Neighbourhood Link

As we’re all only too aware there are times of crisis or emergency when we need to be able to identify the vulnerable and offer sometimes vital assistance. This can be as simple as getting to know those who live in your street a bit better and knowing if they may need help in shopping or picking up medicine. Could you hand deliver a dozen or so newsletters for Council or forward on local police messages if there are bogus salesmen in the area? Or even take advantage of Council support to learn new skills such as first aid or internet communications?

Click the above button to contact us.

Christmas Light Group

A display of Christmas Lights in Lanner was established in the early 1980’s by the late Cllr Dick Hancock and Mr Charlie Job with just one string of coloured bulbs hung at Lanner Village Hall.

From this initial spark the displays became more extensive and adventurous, eventually moving to Lanner Square to accommodate increasingly large gatherings at “Switch On”. Community involvement also broadened with input from Lanner Band, the Lanner Inn and District (later Cornwall) and Parish Councillors. With Father Christmas always managing to squeeze in a trip to Lanner in his busy schedule the annual event has brought a lot of winter cheer to the community.

For several years, the display was erected by Cornwall Cllr John Thomas and a handful of dedicated volunteers. When John indicated that it was time to hand over the reins a new and enthusiastic team stepped up to the mark.

In order to offer appropriate insurance cover for both equipment and the switch on event the Parish Council has joined with volunteers and a Christmas Lights Forum now manages the event. The displays have grown in ambition and additional locations for displays included. By 2019 the event had grown so large that the Switch On needed a new home. Led by the Hayle Storm Samba Band the lantern parade started from Lanner School and wound its way to Lanner Playing Field to be greeted by Lanner Band Academy, refreshments and of course our friend Father Christmas resplendent in his sleigh!

It wasn’t an easy decision to move the event from The Square but that is still decorated, lit up and the village tree is positioned there too.

If you wouldn’t mind cold hands, enjoy overcoming challenge and would like to be part of this fun team please do contact the Council (see above) where we can tell you more about taking part in this community project aiming to spread festive cheer.


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