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Strawberry Fields

This large grassed area is owned by the parish council. It is set in the centre of a residential area and offers great views across the valley to Tresavean.

A wooden agility course offers the chance to develop skills and test endurance and is suitable for use by children and adults. Following request for the installation of adult fitness equipment this has also been provided and is set on safety matting. Supported by financial help from SITA, this has all the equipment needed to offer a good base for a workout and test skills of balance and performance.

A well-used mini-football pitch is sited on the flattest part of the field.

During these improvement works picnic bench seating and brick BBQ’s were installed. It was greatly hoped that these could be used by families and support community events. Unfortunately, persistent vandalism meant these items had to be temporarily removed. If residents request the return of these items and are willing to protect them from vandalism Council would consider their reinstatement.