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Lanner Walk 2

There are lots of ways to link footpaths and Rights of Way around the village.  Most of us will be familiar with walks on Carn Marth and along the ‘tram’, so this is a different area to explore as an interesting contrast.

The circular walk takes about 1.5 hours and is about 3.5 km. It includes parts of the village itself, Tresavean mine site and also ventures further afield onto the farmland south east of the village. Very little is on roads, an added advantage. It  covers some rough and uneven ground and in some places can be muddy after wet weather.

Starting from The Square, turn right down the main road, past the old Post Office to Bell Lane.  Follow Bell Lane uphill to the Bell Veor turning on the left. Continue down Bell Veor until just before it meets the main road (A393).

Opposite a row of garages, turn right and walk uphill, past Tresavean Estate, continuing onto the rough track ahead.

Ignore the first turning left and pass the football field (metal gate) before taking the next left fork.  This takes you past remains of an old engine house, the only one left at Tresavean, accessible with care. The track then rises steeply through woodland which has become established over the years.  Look out for a grassy path leading off left just opposite the entrance to Tresavean House.

Take this path, which is pleasantly wild, giving open views towards Gwennap and Trevince, also of a small ‘hidden’valley ahead.  Continue across the (sometimes very wet and muddy) stile where a small stream crosses under and at times over the path and on up the short slope to Menergwidden .  Here there are good views down to Treviskey and back towards Carn Marth, with Pennance Consols on the skyline.

Follow the farm track uphill to a junction with the main track from Tresavean (here you could shorten your walk by following the way marked blue arrow right, returning to the village across the Tresavean site and down the track to Bell Lane).

If you decide to continue the original walk, continue left here.  After a short distance the track joins a minor road. Turn right, ignoring the left hand turning to Trethellan – a longer walk for another day?

Just beyond, on the right, cross the sign-posted stile into a field.  This stretch can have electric fences with ’gates’ for walkers to pass safely through. Continue along the left hedge, crossing another 2 stiles through gaps. The countryside is open to the south towards Stithians and Carnmenellis. Panoramic views towards the Clay Country, The Roseland and more locally down to Burncoose open up ahead. A short distance across the last field to the final stile by a metal gate leads to a quiet footpath between Cornish hedges.

Follow this, turning right where it joins a grassy track, continuing to a wide stony area. Note the Manorial marker stone on the hedge to left with TV inscribed, presumably denoting Tresavean.

Keep right and follow the track downhill to where a concrete girder has been abandoned across the track.  Turn left here.  Shortly, at a fork, keep to the right and continue on a level track past old mine workings with good views down to the village . Do not take the next right track downhill but shortly after it turn left, up to the Tresavean Branch Railway marker stone and then right to a short stretch of re-laid track.  Continue along this path (which is part of the Mining World Heritage Site), noting some granite setts still visible, until it crosses the minor road at Chapel Hill.

Take the stile on the right here which leads steeply down, with good views of Rough Street valley. Cross a second stile into a steeply undulating field (RolyPoly!), with a further stile by a barn leading into a lane. Follow this left to join Rough Street over the granite bridged open leat behind Christ Church.

Turn right past the Church, which is worthy of a visit, not least to see the two ancient crosses in the pretty Churchyard.  Continue down into the village, noting the Church Green, a Cornish longhouse farm building opposite and the Methodist Chapel and schoolroom, returning to the Square.