Strawberry Fields

In our past Newsletters we have offered detailed plans of the proposals to enhance facilities at the Strawberry Fields Recreational Field.  An application for funding to support this was submitted to SITA Cornwall in July this year.

We are delighted to have received confirmation that we have just been awarded a grant of £35,000.  This is fantastic news and coupled with financial support from the Parish Council will allow us to proceed with the proposed ground works and see the installation of a multi- use agility trail and fitness equipment.

Watch out for progress updates on our website.


  1. Surprised that the amount of accidents , one being fatal, in recent years isn’t enough to demonstrate to Cornwall Council the need for greater road safety in Lanner. Good luck though Ashley.

  2. Well, it’s not that straight forward. The £35,000 for Strawberry Fields recreation area comes from a grant by SITA. They do not give grants for road safety improvements. We’re not likely to see speed bumps on the main road through the village because it is an “A” road. It’s also the responsibility of Cornwall Council who is the Highway Authority rather than the parish council. We have been pressing for a long time to get a controlled crossing on the road but to do this you need to jump through a lot of hoops demonstrating a minimum level of pedestrians to vehicles: not something we’ve been able to do yet. Even then it’s a matter for Cornwall Council’s discretion depending on the size of their budget and their priorities. But we’ll keep banging on the door.

  3. Wouldn’t £35,000 been better spent on some speed bumps through the main road in Lanner to prevent the constant accidents that happen? Especially outside of the school.

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