Update – Redruth determined to continue their land grab!


Redruth are determined to continue their efforts to see a change in boundaries to the Lanner Parish.

Councillors have visited properties in South Downs and Sandy Lane to canvas support from residents to strengthen their case to the Governance Review Panel.

Lanner fully intend to bite back and although we don’t have a ‘battle bus’ Councillors will be visiting the area in the hope of being able to further demonstrate the wishes of residents. The  consequences of a change to the boundary are considerable and will have direct effect on residents in this area and beyond.

If you would like to know more about the proposals, consultation process and timescale for the changes please do get in touch.


October News

The attempt by Redruth Town Council to annexe some 10% of Lanner homes was vigorously fought by more than a dozen residents, parish councillors and Cornwall Councillor John Thomas at a public meeting of the Governance Review Panel on 02 October.

Redruth councillor Stephen Barnes put forward a convoluted argument for the proposed travesty based around post codes, a confusion over the difference between a parish and a village, and his rejection of a decision at the formation of Lanner parish council to which he was party.

The Panel has found no reason to change the parish boundary and that is their recommendation to Cornwall Council. They also recommend adding a further two seats to Lanner parish council.

It is evident to us that Redruth is simply seeking to expand its Council Tax base and, consequently, its income.

However, they haven’t given up! Councillor Ian Thomas (no relation to John but, like Stephen Barnes, another combined Cornwall Councillor/Town Councillor) is seeking an amendment to take that part of Lanner which is north-west of Sandy Lane. Our ability to make formal representations on this seems to be in doubt.

Cornwall Council will be deciding on the Panel Review on 10 December. John Thomas will be batting for Lanner and will hopefully prove our Ben stokes!

If a decision is made in Redruth’s favour there will be further opportunities for objections and affected residents will be canvassed before final proposals are put forward in April 2020.


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