Council are once again out and about spraying the dog poo that inconsiderate dog owners have failed to pick up! Since so many complaints are received from residents Council are doing all they can to address the issue.

Our previous campaign to highlight this issue saw the use of yellow paint being sprayed onto uncollected poo – this time we have red.  This allows people using amenity areas and footpaths to see the hazard and hopefully helps children avoid this very dangerous substance.

The last effort saw a huge improvement to the area with many more owners picking up and we sincerely hope that this reminder will help once again.

Council know that there are many responsible dog owners who always pick up but if owners are caught not doing so then details will be passed to the relevant enforcement teams for further action. Council are very grateful for the support of the Cornwall Council Dog Welfare and Enforcement Officers, who often patrol the area too.

Both Councillors and Clerks are regularly out and about in Lanner and talk to dog owners about the importance of picking up – no offence is intended – the aim is to keep our parish clean.

Council is considering other ways to combat this problem which include the installation of CCTV and provision of more bins.  These come with a cost – please let us know your opinions and suggestions.

Let’s all work together to stop the need for Red in Rage!


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