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Planning the Future

It’s five years since the Lanner Parish Plan was published and the council has just completed a timely review of its performance and that of other bodies and organisations against the aims and aspirations reflected in it. Much has been accomplished, some things have proved to be impossible and many have been overtaken by events. It therefore seems a good time for us all to reassess where we would like Lanner to be in the next five to ten years and we’ll all be having the opportunity over the next few months to contribute to a new Parish Plan.

A lot of the work needed to put a Parish Plan together would also fit a Neighbourhood Plan and so the parish council has decided to embark on this at the same time. Whereas a Parish Plan gives a general overview of community life and how it will go forward, a Neighbourhood Plan is solely concerned with land use and development.

The Neighbourhood Plan sets out planning policies to be used in the determination of all planning applications in the area. It sits alongside the Cornwall Local Plan and becomes part of the statutory Development Plan for Cornwall. It covers the amount of development to take place, where that development will be allocated, what are the needs of infrastructure and what design standards should be applied to particular types of property. It also provides local policy regarding wind turbines and renewables, considers the environment and land drainage and can provide protection to sites of value to the community as a whole.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a shared vision of the community: it is developed through full and open consultation and, eventually, will be subject to passing a referendum of the people of Lanner.

We will be developing the Plan through a series of meetings including full-scale drop-in days and parish wide questionnaire as we did with the first Parish Plan. We will also be carrying out a new full Housing Survey as promised five years ago. In addition, how the Plan develops will be kept public on our website.

We need help to get all this work done. If you have a special area of interest (either as an individual or as a group) we would like to keep you notified when topics which might concern you are coming up for discussion. Or perhaps you would like to be involved in all aspects of the development of the Plan.

We also need help in researching information; devising questions for the consultations; distributing and collecting questionnaires; consulting land owners, utilities, public bodies, and developers; collating and analysing information. Please let us know if you’d like to be involved, contact us here or via the email address:


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