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Wildfire Alert

The Fire service have provided the following information regarding an increased risk of wildfires across the region:

Most parts of the South West of England are on an AMBER wildfire alert. The peak is predicted to be on Friday with the Fire Severity Index as shown in the image set at either High or Very High for the majority of Devon & Cornwall. The Initial Spread Index is set to reach High Danger conditions.

Conditions are currently predicted to ease at the weekend with some rainfall in the forecast. Some ignitions are possible, resulting in moderate to high wildfires, particularly in cut grass and crops. The daytime winds are variable in both speed and direction rising to around 25 kph from the East on Friday. These could be troublesome if there is an ignition. The Relative Humidity may drop below 50% on occasions. Temperatures are set to remain high but gradually cooling as we approach the weekend. The dead fine fuels will be very dry.

The Devon & Cornwall police rural affairs team would ask all recognise this wildfire risk and to help us protect our countryside, wildlife and livestock, reduce ignitions with responsible visits to open spaces, avoiding activities such as outdoor BBQ’s and debris burning. Be alert to other sources of ignition such as vehicles and discarded cigarettes.

Please be alert to suspicious vehicles or individuals that may be responsible for a wildfire and report them to the police by calling 999 in an emergency or by emailing

Information can also be passed anonymously to Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111

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