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Latest Covid update – 27/1/21

Latest Covid Updates

Family Matters Coach for families of veterans and support for veterans



Streaming of STEM sessions for young people



Free School Meal Vouchers for February Half Term

Cornwall Council has stated its commitment to again use the Covid Winter Grant to fund the provision of Free School Meal vouchers for eligible pupils over the February Half Term holiday. As at Christmas, we will allocate funding direct to schools to procure and issue vouchers to a value of £15 per pupil to all eligible pupils on their benefits-related Free School Meal lists by the end of this half term.

The last eligibility list issued to schools by the Free School Meals team before the end of the half-term will be Wednesday 10th February, but schools can begin to order vouchers for current eligible pupils at any time. Where pupils are dual-registered, the schools in question should agree which school will



Laptops for Schools



COVID Winter Grant Fund Project 

Many residents we are working with are facing financial hardship due to the impact of the pandemic and many are struggling to put food on the table, stay warm, and buy essentials. I am pleased to announce that Cornwall Council has secured a government grant to provide additional financial and practical help to our families.

The Covid Winter Grant can be used to provide financial help to any households we are working with who are facing financial hardship and who would benefit from this support.

The fund is £1.8 million from central government and 80% of the cash will go towards families with children while the remaining money will go to other households struggling because of the pandemic.

Over £650,000 of this funding has already been allocated towards funding Free School Meals provision during the Christmas holiday period and February Half Term.

We need you to identify those most in need who are facing the greatest financial hardship and who are in need of this financial support.

The conditions of the grant specify that financial help can be given in the following areas:

1.      Food

2.      Energy and water bills for household purposes (including drinking, washing, cooking, central heating, and sanitary purposes) and sewerage.

3.      Other essentials (including sanitary products, warm clothing, soap, blankets, boiler service/repair, purchase of equipment including fridges, freezers, ovens, etc.)

Please consider all residents who you are working with who are facing financial hardship and who are in need of this financial support.

All grants must be allocated by the end of March. We want as many eligible residents as possible to benefit. So, please make sure you identify households and make the requests now so that they don’t miss out.

To apply for the Covid Winter Grant, please use the contact information below.

For items relating to home heating such as fuel bills or breakdown in heating equipment such as oil tanks or boiler repair please contact Community Energy Plus by emailing or phoning 0800 954 1956.

For help with food and other essential household items visit our website here:



Disability Survey

The Disability Unit has launched a public survey to gather views and experiences for the National Strategy of Disabled People.

The Disability Unit in the Cabinet Office is working with government colleagues, disabled people, disabled people’s organisations, charities and businesses to develop and deliver a National Strategy for Disabled People. They intend to publish the Strategy in Spring 2021.

Despite the unprecedented challenge we face as a nation, this Government is committed to delivering an ambitious National Strategy for Disabled People with expert advice and the lived experience of disabled people at its heart.

The Strategy will make practical changes to policies which strengthen disabled people’s ability to participate fully in society and will place fairness at the heart of government work on disability, to level up opportunity so everyone can reach their potential and participate in life in this country.

Find out more about this survey here:

Overview (This takes you directly to the survey information)

The Disability Unit at the Cabinet Office is developing a National Strategy for Disabled People. Publication is planned for Spring 2021.

To help the government with understanding the barriers that disabled people face and what it may need to focus upon to improve the lives of disabled people, we need to hear about your views and know more about your experiences.



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