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Latest Covid-19 updates – 11/12/20


In the last week our Covid Enforcement Team have been supporting businesses in Cornwall with help and advice about how to make their business environment as Covid secure as possible. They have supported more than 700 businesses, of which more than 400 received a visit. We have found that 85% of businesses visited are complying fully with the rules.

Those that have been found to be non-compliant have been supported in the first instance to comply and provided with guidance, however for those that continue to remain non-compliant enforcement action will follow to ensure that we keep our communities safe.

Some businesses have reported finding the changes to rules, from national lockdown to tier one, confusing and that’s why our enforcement team is getting out and about to provide first hand help, to help them abide by the rules and keep everyone safe.



Follow public health guidance

As trusted voices in your communities, I would ask you all to continue to support our messaging about Covid 19.

Under the current tiered system, Cornwall remains as one of only a handful of areas in Tier 1, with another review next week.  And that is thanks to the hard work of each and everyone across Cornwall.

Although Christmas does offer a relaxation in the rules to allow families special time together, we do still need to focus on those good behaviours that have helped to slow the spread of COVID in our communities.

This is important in all areas of Cornwall, but especially in North and South East Cornwall, where we saw spikes last month.

Yes, the vaccine is on its way, but the road to that point is a long one and we still need to practice restraint in the amount of contacts we have with others and vigilance over physical space and hygiene over the festive period and beyond.

That message has been one of our best tools in controlling and ultimately slowing the spread of COVID-19.



School Meal Vouchers

With a week to go before schools break up, communication is taking place with families about the roll out of the Christmas voucher scheme, for those young people on free school meals.  With over 13,000 who qualify for the scheme in Cornwall, it is a huge logistical operation to organise and I would like to thank those that have made happen so efficiently and quickly.

Although this will be help to some families, there will be others out there who will still need support and I would encourage you all to advise anyone that is struggling to get in touch with their local family hubs, who can sign post them to additional support.

One thing we can all feel very proud of in Cornwall is the sense of community; everyone pulling together to help each other out.



Important links

All coronavirus related enquiries or issues to our dedicated email address  This email address is monitored throughout normal business hours.

Anyone who needs help can request a volunteer by ringing 01872 266988 or emailing

Find out more about the support available for businesses here: Business Rate Support Council Tax Support and Growth Hub

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