Lanner Planning Committee Tuesday 10 April 2018

Lanner Parish Council Planning Committee – Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 10 April 2018 in Lanner Village Hall.

Present: Cllr Luscombe (Chair), Cllr Blewett, Cllr Marshall, Cllr Steward, Cllr Repper, Cllr Wearne & Cllr Wood
In attendance: Elaine Youlton, Clerk; Teresa Marshall, Assistant Clerk.

The meeting was preceded by a period of Public Participation during which time local residents attending expressed views/concerns on the following applications:
PA18/01591 Mr Head requested Council consider a letter from his appointed Planning Agent, Mr K Mosley, in support of his application. This was presented to Council.
Mr Brough re: potential off road parking space at 3 Philips Terrace

PL18/35 Apologies: Cllr Anson (Personal commitment) .

PL18/36: Declarations of Pecuniary and/or Non-pecuniary Interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.
None submitted

PL18/37: To consider written requests for dispensation. None submitted.

PL18/38: To accept minutes of the last planning meeting.
Minutes of the meeting held on 13 March 2018 were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.

PL18/39: Matters arising from minutes.
None submitted.

PL18/40: To consider the following applications:

Application PA18/02035
Proposal Proposed sun room.
Location 4 Lanner Green Lanner TR16 6DQ
Applicant Mr and Mrs P Richards

Resolved: Council supports this application.

Application PA18/01591
Proposal Construction of new dwelling
Location Plot adjacent to 10 Coppice Gardens Lanner Moor Lanner
Applicant Mr M Wills Willstone Construction Ltd

Resolved: Council oppose this application for the following reasons:
It is considered that this proposal would result in over crowding of the site and note that the original planning permission was granted for the erection of 10 dwellings and that this has already been exceeded.
Council are concerned that this development would be in close proximity to the stream running adjacent to the site and would result in the further loss of trees which would remove and erode the last of any ‘green’ amenity and natural habitat.
The design is considered ‘mean and pinched’ and would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the area at the gateway to the village.

Application PA18/02671
Proposal Erection of up to two dwellings (outline with all matters reserved)
Location Land East of 6 Murtons Terrace Murtons Terrace Lanner
Applicant Mr and Mrs P Head

Resolved: Council supports this application

Application PA18/02715
Proposal Construction of two affordable dwellings and one open market dwelling
Location Land South of Chy Lowen
Applicant Mr J Landry JJ Construction (SW) Ltd
Resolved: Council objects to this proposal on the following grounds:

  • The proposal falls outside the Village Settlement Boundary proposed by the Lanner Neighbourhood Development Plan which has now moved to Pre Submission stage.
  • The site should therefore be regarded as a possible ‘exception site’ which requires, at the least, the proposal to be ‘affordable Home’ led to meet local need.
  • The Cornwall Local Plan calls for a basic requirement of 57 dwellings to be provided within the NDP time frame for which it suggests infill and rounding off will be sufficient. The NDP in fact anticipates new dwellings well in excess of this figure and identifies ‘preferred sites’ within the Settlement Boundary to accommodate this. The proposal is neither infill nor rounding off and unnecessarily breaks into open countryside.
  • Council consider that a need for affordable homes beyond that anticipated in the NDP cannot be demonstrated. There is considerable disparity in figures quoted by Cornwall Council Housing Needs Officers and those reflected within the most recent Housing Needs Survey completed as part of the NDP consultation exercise. This exercise involved all households in Lanner parish and also all those on the Homechoice Register who have a ‘local connection’ to Lanner. Conversations with the AHO had, we thought, secured an analysis and refinement of the headline assessment. Applicants with no declared wish to actually live in Lanner had been removed to reveal a total of 48 (versus the continued claim of 114). Band E applicants (by definition not ‘in need’ – a prerequisite for a rural exception site) were also removed (though the AHO did not agree with that removal) to give up a net total of 22. This is, of course, academic ‘desk-top’ analysis. However, our comprehensive survey of housing needs within the parish and the HomeChoice register of those with a local connection to Lanner but who currently reside outside the parish indicates a local need for 16 new affordable homes (of which almost all are in Band E).
  • Council notes that the Homechoice Register has since been the subject of ‘culling’ which has resulted in an overall reduction of 34%. Further information of local impact of this is still awaited from Housing Officers at this time.
  • Council also draws attention to the difficulty in finding a local tenant for a new affordable home in Bell Veor (literally just around the corner from this site) only secured after the deadline had passed for offering it outside the parish. This was in January 2018 and would appear to demonstrate that the weakness of perceived need: or that ‘affordable homes’ are simply not ‘affordable’ for those who are in need.
  • For an exception site, a proposal has to be ‘affordable homes’ driven with the possibility of open market housing being allowed to provide cross-subsidy and thereby make the proposal viable. This seems to be closer to a desire to provide an open market house with affordable homes to secure planning consent.
  • In summary, the Parish Council cannot support this application as it would breach the Village Settlement Boundary, encroaching into open countryside, with no demonstrated local need.

PL18/41: To receive information following request for investigation in relation to the following applications:

Cllr Tim Luscombe reported the following:

  • Rockfield Carn Marth Lane – erection of and high levels of water run off alterations to drainage
    It was not considered that any breach of planning regulations had been made. There is clearly a calvert constructed by Figgy Dowdy’s well and drainage of excess water is a well known issue at Carn Marth Lane. Ward Member, Cllr Thomas and Officers across a variety of departments are working to achieve a resolution. It was resolved that there is no further action required by Parish Council.
  • The Barn West Trevarth – storage of vehicles possible operation of business.
    This matter has ongoing enforcement case history and therefore, in line with Council protocol, was discussed under confidential matters
  • Gordon House Farm – conversion of garage to create detached annex to main dwelling.
    It was not considered that any breach of planning regulations had been made. It was resolved that there is no further action required by Parish Council.
  • Gordon Farm – erection of outbuilding
  • It was not considered that any breach of planning regulations had been made. It was resolved that there is no further action required by Parish Council.

PL18/42: Correspondence:
For interest and information Cllr Ashley Wood highlighted the planning officer’s comments on application PA18/00479: ‘However, you should be aware that the Lanner Neighbourhood Plan 2016 – 2033 has moved to Pre-Submission stage and, consequently, can now be afforded more weight in the decision-making process. Whilst the Plan supports small-scale rural exception sites as a means by which to deliver affordable housing in the Parish, there is some dispute as to whether the housing need figures quoted by the Council’s Affordable Housing Team in connection with the development to the west are truly reflective of actual need, which is emphasised by the difficulty experienced in letting the affordable dwellings at Bell Veor (ref: PA13/00282) a short distance to the northwest.

Therefore, should you wish to proceed with a planning application submission, it is strongly advised that the specific need for the proposed affordable dwellings in the Parish be robustly justified, preferably with reference to specific potential occupants.’

PL18/43: Decision notices:
Application : PA18/00482
Applicant: Mr And Mrs Gordon
Location: Chy Lowen Access To Tresavean Farm Tresavean Lanner Cornwall

Closed – advice given
Proposal: Conversion of garage into ancillary accommodation
Application : PA18/00479/PREAPP
Applicant: Mr D Swann
Location: Land South Of Number 4 Tresavean Hill Lanner Cornwall TR16 6JQ
Proposal: Pre application advice for construction of 2 affordable dwellings and 1 open market dwelling and associated works

PL18/44: Enforcement Reports:
In line with the request of the Local Authority Council moved to closed session and enforcement reports were discussed.

PL18/45: Any other planning matters at the discretion of the Chairman.

PL18/46: Confidential Matters:
Council moved to closed session where members of the public were excluded, and confidential matters were discussed.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.12 pm.


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