Lanner Parish Planning Committee Minutes 12 June 2018

Lanner Parish Council. Planning Committee Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 12 June 2018 in Lanner Village Hall.

Present: Cllr Luscombe (Chair), Cllr Marshall, Cllr Repper, Cllr Wearne, Cllr Anson, Cllr Rabey, Cllr Blewett & Cllr Wood
In attendance: Elaine Youlton, Clerk; Teresa Marshall, Assistant Clerk.

The meeting was preceded by a period of Public Participation during which time local residents attending expressed views/concerns on the following application:
PA18/03743: Mr. Phil Mitchell and Mr. & Mrs. Partoon, neighbours of the property 4 Bell Lane, raised concerns and objections to this application. Mr. & Mrs. Uren, the applicants, spoke in support of their application.

PL18/59: Apologies: Cllr Bosworth (Other Commitment)

PL18/60: Declarations of Pecuniary and/or Non-pecuniary Interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.
Cllr Wearne & Cllr Luscombe declared interest in application PA18/03743

PL18/61: To consider written requests for dispensation.
None submitted.

PL18/62: To accept minutes of the last planning meeting.
Minutes of the meeting held on 8 May 2018 were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.

PL18/63: Matters arising from minutes.
None submitted.

PL18/64: To consider the following applications:

Cllr Luscombe & Cllr Wearne left the meeting while application PA18/03743 was discussed. Cllr Wood chaired this item of the meeting.

Application: PA18/03743
Proposal: Erection of a dwelling following demolition of existing domestic garage
Location: 4 Bell Lane Lanner TR16 6AP
Applicant: Mr. & Mrs. T Uren

Resolved: Council is unable to support this application.

The principal objection is that it will create an increase of vehicles parking on the street (possibly up to 4), directly opposite the footpath to the school, where there are serious parking issues already, notably at the time when children are brought to or collected from school.

There are three policies within the draft NDP which the proposal falls foul of: to the extent that conformity to other policies is not sufficient to mitigate or overcome them.


Development of residential gardens that causes harm to the local area by reason of any of the following will not be supported:

b) significant adverse impact on the residential amenity of existing neighbouring property.’

Where appropriate, proposals for new development will be assessed against the following criteria:

12) The development should make provision for adequate external amenity space including refuse and recycling storage and car and bicycle parking to ensure a well-managed and high-quality streetscape.’

Wherever possible, development proposals should include provision for adequate off-road vehicle parking spaces, to facilitate unimpeded road access for other road users, including motor vehicles and pedestrians. Proposals that do not demonstrate adequate off-road parking will not be supported, particularly in instances where additional on-street parking will be detrimental to highway safety or impede access for public transport, emergency vehicles or any other service vehicles. In most instances, on-site parking for two motor vehicles will be considered a suitable minimum requirement.’

Council would welcome consultation if a future application is considered that addresses these matters and which also includes information detailing shadowing or obstruction of daylight in relation to neighbouring properties.

When discussion regarding application PA18/03743 were concluded Cllr Luscombe & Cllr Wearne returned to the meeting, and Cllr Luscombe resumed his role as Chairman of the meeting.

Application: PA18/04443
Proposal: Replace existing domestic heating oil storage tank, located to the front of the property
Location: 6- Bears Terrace Lanner Moor Lanner TR16 6HS
Applicant: Mr. Darren Green

Resolved: Council offers no objection to this proposal. Since this tank is to be at the front of the property sympathetic screening would be welcomed.

Application: PA18/03270
Proposal: Application for the demolition of existing kitchen, bathroom and utility and the erection of a 2-storey extension, west side and a 2-storey extension east side.
Location: Cresta Chapel Hill Lanner Redruth Cornwall TR16 6BU
Applicant: Mr. S Dugdale

Resolved: Council supports this application subject to the attachment of robust and suitable conditions.
However, Council requests that the following comments and questions are noted and investigated:

1) The site plan does not match up to the Land Registry search held by Council. While it is understood that it is acceptable to seek planning permission on land not within ownership, an applicant is required to give notice on anyone with an interest in the land to which the application relates. Council requests clarification whether Mr. Dugdale has freehold title of all of the land, including the land edged blue, or has some other interest such as a possessory title.
2) Mr. Dugdale has had no community engagement in respect of this application nor does the Design and Access Statement recognise the draft NDP. It should be noted by the Planning Officer that, in the wake of extensive public concern at his activities on site and outstanding enforcement action, we have specifically written to Mr. Dugdale requesting an informal meeting to discuss his long-term intentions and explore whether the parish council can help him realise reasonable ambitions. He has not responded.
3) The chief concern from the NDP is with regard to Policy 13.

The landscape and its historic features on the south and west slopes rising from Lanner village to Tresavean and encompassing the skyline parallel to the Mineral Tramway will be afforded a sense of value and protection that its inclusion as part of the World Heritage Site and its surrounds deserve. In particular, any development here must demonstrate that landscape and features will be conserved, enhanced and unharmed.’

The “extension” is profound, to the point where it is almost a rebuild. However, in itself, if the design and landscaping are good this should not be reason enough for opposition. Council regards it as crucial that full consideration is given to how it will impact on the landscape, in comparison to what is there now.

Council notes the planning permission for the glasshouse/workshop. The planting scheme has been discharged but it is hard to evidence this on the ground. Council would like a much more vigorous planting scheme attached to this application.

4) Council requests an assurance from the Planning Officer that the World Heritage Site Officers are being consulted.
5) There should be no access to the site from the Tresavean Trail for construction unless an undertaking, preferably with a bond, is forthcoming to repair any damage caused but, in any event, no access from the Trail will be permitted other than that shown on Mr Dugdale’s deeds. The Trail is part of the WHS and must be protected.
6) Solar panels are considered acceptable on the south facing roof slopes but not on the north (or west).
7) Weatherboarding is not traditional material in Lanner.
8) On the full understanding that the use of the “stables” being used as temporary accommodation during building works does not imply support for residential or holiday use after the work is completed, Council considers this arrangement acceptable. Council can find no planning permission having been sought or granted for such use.
9) Council recommends a fresh survey of ground stability: this is acknowledged as made up ground. The submitted survey is 13 years old and appears to be a desk-top survey by a firm in Doncaster. Core samples should be taken to an appropriate depth.

Application: PA18/03395
Proposal: Proposed New Single Storey Side Extension
Location: 10 Pennance Parc Lanner TR16 5TY
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Wyate

Resolved: Council offers no objections, since this altered application appears to address the concerns previously expressed. Council requests that an appropriate s106 condition is attached.

Application: PA18/04905
Proposal: The construction of a single dwelling house on previously developed land to round
off the settlement
Location: Bawden House, Lanner Moor Lanner TR16 6JF
Applicant: Mr And Mrs Louis-Smith

Resolved : Council opposes this application and offers the following information.

‘Extract from NDP Consultation Statement

“18.1 Mr. Charles Green, agent for Mr. & Mrs. Louis-Smith wrote to suggest that the land at Bawdenfield, Lanner Moor, shown coloured pink on the map be included within the Settlement Boundary. As well as the house Bawdenfield there is an extant permission for one additional dwelling. No further information or justification was provided.

Steering Group Comment: The Group were unable to justify extending the Settlement Boundary to include this land. There are numerous similar large properties on the outskirts of the Settlement Boundary and the Plan already affords provision for new housing well in excess of the Basic Housing Requirement of the Cornwall Local Plan.”

Application: PA18/05314
Proposal: Erection of a first-floor extension
Location: 21 Lanner Moor Terrace Lanner Redruth Cornwall
Applicant: Ms Taunia Welch

Resolved: Council offer no objection to this application. Council would like clarification as to whether or not the ground floor shower/WC will remain as existing with access off the kitchen.
Significantly, it is noted that the drawings do not show drainage runs/connections or soil ventilation pipes in relation to roof heights and windows.

PL18/65: To note the following Pre-Applications:
Although formal consultation is not extended for consideration of pre-applications, Council offers comment on occasions where this is considered appropriate and helpful to either the planning officer and/or the applicant. This is particularly to ensure that Planning Officers are fully informed of the emerging policies in the NDP.

Application: PA18/01284 pre-app
Proposal: Construction of detached single storey 2 bed residence on disused mushroom farm
Location: Lower Mushroom Farm Tresavean Lanner Redruth Cornwall TR16 6AL
Applicant: Mr. R Adams
Resolved: Council to provide comment and background information on this site. This is not a location where Council would support any residential development.

Application: PA18/01494 pre-app (Advice already issued – see PL18/67 below)
Proposal: Pre-application advice for demolition of existing bungalow and erection of two dwellings
Location: Berwyn Pennance Road Lanner TR16 5TF
Applicant: Mr. And Mrs. Garry Vitta

Application: PA18/01531 Pre-app
Proposal: Rebuild ruins of cottages into single dwelling and construct ancillary home office for proposed dwelling
Location: Greglaze Farm, Deep Lane, Blue Stone, Four Lanes, Redruth
Applicant: Mrs S Spargo

PL18/66: Correspondence:

Planning survey – Leicester Council, Cllr Wood and Cllr Luscombe were reminded that their responses to the survey would be welcomed.

Cllr Luscombe had been contacted by the applicant of planning application PA18/02715 who expressed concerns regarding comments submitted by Council. It was explained to the applicant that this area of land was located outside of the settlement boundary as defined in the NDP and Council would not be supportive of any application for development at this site.

PL18/67: Decision notices:
PA18/03092 Applicant: Mr K Woodman
Location: 4 Coppice Gardens Lanner Moor Lanner Redruth Cornwall
Proposal: To build a garage

Applicant: Mr And Mrs P Head
Location: Land East Of 6 Murtons Terrace Murtons Terrace Lanner Cornwall TR16 6HW
Proposal: Erection of up to two dwellings (outline with all matters reserved)

Applicant: Mr Simon Vaughan
Location: Fairview Farm, Pennance Road Lanner TR16 5TF
Proposal: Conversion of existing conservatory and store, replacement roof, forming new kitchen dining accommodation

Applicant: Mr J Landry
Location: Land South of Chy Lowen Tresavean Lanner Cornwall TR16 6AL
Proposal: Construction of two affordable dwellings and one open market dwelling

Closed – advice given
Applicant: Mr And Mrs Garry Vitta
Location: Berwyn, Pennance Road, Lanner TR16 5TF
Proposal: Pre-application advice for demolition of existing bungalow and erection of two dwellings

PL18/68: Enforcement Reports:
Council was advised that Cornwall Council had confirmed that, in order to comply with the regulations of the recently introduced GDPR legislation, enforcement reports which detailed action and results would no longer be publicly available. The reports previously received by Ward Members and Parish/Town Councils were no longer supplied and the only information that would be shared would be on conclusion of a case and then only with the complainant.
Council expressed their grave concern that this lacked transparency of actions being taken and prevented Council from tracking progress and evaluating success. It was resolved that this matter be referred to legal experts within NALC & SLCC for their comment and advice.

Concern was expressed regarding activities at the yard situated opposite Penventon Nurseries, Significant works to install a new fence and gate had been completed and no clear indication of any proposals for development were available. Cornwall Cllr John Thomas had already commenced enquiries following complaints and allegations from local residents. In order to receive information on completion of investigation by Enforcement Officers Council would also need to submit a complaint. It was agreed that close attention would be paid to this site.

PL18/69: Any other planning matters at the discretion of the Chairman.
Council were asked to consider if an alternative venue was considered necessary for Planning Meetings. This would offer some difficulties since there was requirement for a use of technical equipment and internet connection. The main hall was regularly booked on each week night evening and activities sometimes meant high noise levels. The ‘committee’ room was available but sometimes conditions were cramped.
Resolved: On balance and to ensure there was no confusion of venue for all interested parties meetings would continue to be held at the Village Hall.

PL18/70: Confidential Matters:
Council moved to closed session where members of the public were excluded, and confidential matters relating to Enforcement Actions by Cornwall Council were discussed.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.58 pm.


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