Lanner Parish Council Planning Committee Minutes 13 Nov 2018

Lanner Parish Council – Planning Committee. Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 13 November 2018 in Lanner Village Hall.

Present: Cllr Luscombe (Chair), Cllr Wood, Cllr Marshall, Cllr Repper, Cllr Wearne, Cllr Blewett, Cllr Rabey (From PL18/)
In attendance: Elaine Youlton, Clerk and Teresa Marshall, Assistant Clerk

PL18/95: Apologies: Cllr Bosworth (Other Commitment) Mary Anson (Other meeting)

PL18/96: Declarations of Pecuniary and/or Non-pecuniary Interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.
None submitted.

PL18/97: To consider written requests for dispensation.
None submitted.

PL18/98: To accept minutes of the last planning meeting.
Minutes of the meeting held on 13 October 2018 were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.

PL18/99: Matters arising from minutes.
None submitted.

PL18/100: To consider the following applications:

Application PA18/09459
Proposal Proposed extension, loft conversion to accommodation and alterations to dwelling
Location Berlewen Pennance Road Lanner Cornwall
Applicant Mr M Kent

Resolved: Council support this application.
However, request is made that Officers note the following:
Council are concerned that the outside amenities, including Cornish hedging are preserved at this property.
Council found the drawings submitted difficult to interpret in relation to some areas and there is disparity of information regarding the north elevation.
Concern is expressed regarding the proximity of the garage in relation to the Cornish hedging and request that the space afforded meets legal/future maintenance requirements.

Application PA18/09786
Proposal Proposed equipment store
Location Chy Lowen Access to Tresavean Farm Tresavean Lanner Cornwall
Applicant Mr Gordan

Resolved Council offer no objection to this proposal.

Cllr Rabey joined the meeting.

Application PA18/10053
Proposal Outline application with some matters reserved for the demolition of existing dwelling and garages, and the erection of up to 4 dwellings with garden amenity, off street parking and associated infrastructure.
Location Belmont Lanner Moor Lanner Redruth
Applicant Messrs Trevena

Resolved Council are not opposed to the principle of development at this site but consider the submitted outline application overdevelopment and, in particular, the suggested layout with two dwellings ‘end on’ to the road would have a significant adverse effect on the street scene.
Accordingly, the application is NOT SUPPORTED in its present format.

The draft Lanner Neighbourhood Plan has now passed Examination and the Examiner’s recommendations are being effected in the document (Imogen Day, Cornwall Council) after which it will go to referendum.
This application is not in accordance with policies (cited below) contained within the NDP.
In particular, it is considered that the erection of four dwellings is too great for this site whereas the erection of three would allow any dwelling fronting the highway to present its full face to the south to maintain the existing street scene and sense of space and balance.
This would also allow for plot size and amenity space that more closely relates to the size and likely persons occupying the dwellings.
The provision of two car parking spaces is noted as in line with policy contained within the NDP. However, concern is expressed that within the proposed four-dwelling layout vehicles may have difficulties in on-site manoeuvres both for parking and for leaving in a forward gear.

POLICY TWO: Proposals for new housing development within the existing settlement boundaries will generally be supported.
For clarity, such proposals will comprise infill or rounding off without intruding into open countryside or compromising or diluting the physical identity of Lanner as village or parish, or will be contained within those larger areas so identified and described within this Plan.
Infill housing will need to demonstrate quality of design and sensitivity to its surroundings and neighbours. In particular, it will need to show consistency with the scale and proportion of existing houses and gardens in the adjacent area.
Development of residential gardens that causes harm to the local area by reason of any of the following will not be supported:
a) Unacceptable loss of garden space(s) for the existing property(ies) such that the functional and recreational uses of the garden, in relation to the size of the dwelling it serves, are significantly impaired as described, for example, in 5.5 of the Cornwall Design Guide 2013 ; and/or
b) Significant adverse impact on the residential amenity of existing neighbouring property.

POLICY SEVEN: Where appropriate, proposals for new development will be assessed against the following criteria.
1) The development must demonstrate how it will integrate into the existing surroundings.
5) The proposal will need to establish a strong sense of place.
7) The development design should demonstrate a good street layout with adequate parking, low vehicle speed and good access for emergency vehicles and refuse collection.
11) The development should be visually attractive through good architecture and appropriate landscaping.
12) The development should make provision for adequate external amenity space including refuse and recycling storage and car and bicycle parking to ensure a well-managed and high-quality streetscape.
15) All development shall reflect or reinforce the existing road frontage where a clear historic building line has been established.

Application PA18/10345
Proposal Outline planning permission with all matters reserved: Construction of 2 no. dwellings.
Location Land Rear Of 55 Lanner Hill Lanner Hill Lanner Cornwall TR16 6DB
Applicant Mrs J Barton

Since this application was only received on day of meeting it was resolved to defer consideration until the Council meeting to be held on Thursday 29 November 2018., would carry out a site visit.
In order to be completely familiar with the application site Cllr Luscombe, Planning Chairman.

PL18/101: To note the following Pre-Applications:
None submitted

PL18/102: Appeals:
No further appeals and no further updates

PL18/103: Correspondence:

  • Ministerial decision re: Cornwall Housing Proposal – Noted
  • Forthcoming National Planning Policy Framework – Noted
  • Neil Butler, Planning Officer, CC – protocol request in respect of application PA18/08155; property: Cresta, Chapel Hill. Council noted that maps indicating the application site, ownership did not match with records held by HM Land Registry. It was also noted that advice offered to applicants submitting planning applications by CC had not been adhered to in this instance and this was deemed acceptable by Planning Officers.
    Resolved: a request to CC to review the guidance available to applicants and amend if appropriate was supported. That Council would ‘agree to disagree’ with the comments of CC on this application.
  • Planning Officer, CC – PA18/07288, Berwyn, Pennance Road – plans for this application had been amended to illustrate improvements to, access, parking and turning have been amended. Resolved: Council offer no objections to the revised plans.
  • Planning Officer, CC confirmed that due to an alteration in the numbering schedule which had not been reflected on the planning permission documents confirmed that there was no breach of planning regulation in respect of sale as a property under shared ownership.
    This case was therefore closed.
  • The examiner of the Lanner NDP had offered comments in respect of Affordable Homes and ‘need/desire’ to reside in Lanner. Council confirmed disagreement with these comments but to formally disagree would delay matters still further and impede progression to referendum. Council therefore accepted these comments.

PL18/104: Decision notices:
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Matthew Bowden
Location: New Bell Bell Veor Lanner TR16 6AN
Proposal: Construction of a rear and side first floor extensions

PL18/104: Enforcement Reports:
Gyllyvean Gardens, Tresavean: Planning Officer, CC confirmed that due to an alteration in the numbering schedule which had not been reflected on the planning permission documents it was confirmed that there was no breach of planning regulation in respect of sale as a property under shared ownership.
This case was therefore closed.

EN18 01236 Tresavean Farm
Council were advised of further reported concerns regarding possible breach of planning regulations at Tresavean Farm, Tresavean. Resolved: These matters would be raised, once again, with the CC Enforcement Team for investigation. Cllr Luscombe would also make a visit to the area and assess the situation.

Concern regarding potential breach of Planning regulations at the builders yard at Treviskey had been expressed by residents. Cllr Luscombe would visit the site and if required further reports would be submitted to Cornwall Council.

PL18/105: Any other planning matters at the discretion of the Chairman.
Supplementary Planning Document
Cornwall Council had published the draft Housing Supplementary Planning document, this was subject to a six week consultation period, running Friday 19th October to 5pm 30th November 2018. Cllr Ashley Wood had prepared and circulated a detailed draft response. It was resolved that this response was fully supported and would be submitted to Cornwall Council.

PL18/106: Confidential Matters:
In line with protocol requested by Cornwall Council, Council moved to closed session where members of the public were excluded, and confidential matters relating to Enforcement Actions were discussed.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.56pm


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