Lanner Parish Council Minutes Thursday 29 November 2018

Lanner Parish Council Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 29 November 2018 in the Village Hall, commencing 7.00 pm.

Present: Cllr. Wood (Chair), Cllr Anson, Cllr Blewett, Cllr Bosworth, Cllr Luscombe, Cllr Marshall, Cllr Rabey, Cllr Repper and Cllr Wearne.
In attendance: Mrs E Youlton, Clerk.

PC18/180: Apologies for absence:

PC18/181: Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

PC18/182: To consider written requests for dispensation.

PC18/183: To receive report from Cornwall Councillor John Thomas
Cllr Thomas was not present and had sent in no written report.

PC18/184: Administration:

  • To accept minutes of the meeting held on 25 October 2018. Resolved: Minutes of the meeting were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.
  • Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda.
  • Rules for siting of 30mph signage – it was noted that contrary to advice received from Mr Adrian Drake, Cormac, that regulations prohibited the siting of speed restriction signage on both sides of the highway, such measures had been installed at other villages. It was agreed that clarification on this matter be sought, particularly in relation to village gateways.
  • The support and submission of an application for funding via the CNA budget must be sent in by the Ward Member. It was agreed that such support for the creation of a ‘parking scheme’ for vehicles adjacent to the A393 would be requested of Cllr Thomas, on the advice of Adrian Drake.
  • Speedwatch – Ann Shannon had kindly advised that another session had taken place. Due to on-street parking, speeds of vehicles recorded were lower than on the previous session.
  • Application to register area of Carn Marth as Common Land – Cllr Bosworth advised that 4 objections to this proposal had been submitted prior to the closing date of 20 November. This deadline had now passed and final determination was anticipated by the New Year.
  • The draft Policy on Electronic Communications was adopted unanimously.
  • The circulation of the Winter Newsletter was noted.

PC18/185: Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:

Mr D HallVillage maint£445.42
Mrs D Moon Toilets£60.00
Mr M HeatherMaint. Progs.£822.15
Mr. P Mahoney - StreamlineWebsite maintenance & maps£200.00
Mrs E Youltonreimbursements£1138.32
KC Warne weed spraying£876.00
SLCC bookshop£108.79
Warne’s Plantswatering hanging baskets£223.80
SLCC Membership EY £175.00
RBL Poppy wreath£18.50
Scribe Accounting£416.40
Mr T Wearne reimbursement £152.24
Staff costs£1535.66
T Marshall reimbursements£67.85
Caters Packaging£38.40
Redborne Printers Newsletter£678.80
Vikingoffice supplies£19.67

Financial statements & payments for the month of November were presented to Council, approved and are appended to these Minutes. Full Accounts also appear on the website.
Other Financial Matters:

  • To consider increase of working hours for Clerk. In consideration of the increase in workload and the additional unpaid hours currently worked by the Clerk it was resolved that hours of work will be increased from 25 to 30 hours per week. The Council Office would open additionally on a Tuesday morning to afford greater accessibility to residents.
  • To consider the purchase of software – Adobe. In order to improve the preparation of documents, particularly in relation to planning applications, it was resolved to purchase the required software at a cost of £370.

PC18/186: Budget 2019/2020:

  • To consider and approve the budget and precept. The proposed budget for 2019/20 was carefully considered by Council and allocated reserves noted.
  • After minor adjustments the budget was resolved with a total precept of £89 958 representing an increase of 4%.

PC18/187: Highways and Transport: Cllrs Wood, Wearne and Marshall

  • To receive report following consultation with residents regarding solutions to the problems of speed of traffic, congestion and on street parking at areas adjacent to Lanner School
    Two responses to the consultation had been received and these were noted.
  • To note response from Adrian Drake, Cormac, on consultation at Bell Lane/Lanmoor,
    A393 parking, and update on proposed site meeting to discuss Lanner to Comford speeds
    Adrian Drake, Cormac, had advised that funding for these schemes (see PC18/184 above) could only be obtained via the CC CNA budget and that application must be made by the Ward Member. It was resolved that a request would be made to Cllr J Thomas, Cornwall Councillor, to make a submission for funding of this scheme Notes on the proposal and results of the consultation would be supplied to support his application.
    A393 parking scheme: (again, see PC18/184)
    Site meeting Lanner/Comford: all parties had confirmed that no site meeting would take place until all the accident reports, including comment from the Coroner, had been received.
    Adrian Drake continued to advise that it was not likely that a reduction in the speed limit on this section of highway would be agreed. Notwithstanding this, Council will press at every opportunity for a reduction in the speed limit from 50 to 40 mph and for “no overtaking” road markings on the full length of the road.

PC18/188: MVRG/CPIR: – Cllrs Wood & Anson

  • To note date and details of next meeting:
    Thursday 13th December 2018 (2.00- 4.00pm) Venue tbc. Guest Speaker is David Rodda
    Noted. Cllr Wood confirmed his attendance
  • To report on Economic Growth & Development Event – notes circulated.
    Thanks were expressed to Cllr Wood for his informative notes.
  • To receive report on CPIR
    Cllr Anson reported that a presentation had been given by CC regarding the proposed budget for 2019/20; this gave some insight for the likely increase in expenditure which was largely the result of the need to vastly increase resources for social care.

PC18/189: Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Wood

  • To report progress with publication of final NDP. Cllr Wood advised that the final version had now been prepared and submitted for sign off; this process took approximately three weeks. The NDP would then be published prior to referendum.
  • To note date of referendum – Thursday 21 February 2019. Noted.

PC18/189: Planning:

  • To consider the following planning applications:
    Application: PA18/10345
    Proposal: Outline planning permission with all matters reserved: Construction of 2 no. dwellings.
    Location: Land Rear Of 55 Lanner Hill Lanner Hill Lanner
    Applicant: Mrs J Barton
    Resolved: Lanner Parish Council is OPPOSED to this application:
    Whilst the proposed development site accords with Policy Two of the Lanner NDP in that it would constitute infill it is considered that the development will have significant adverse impact on residents occupying neighbouring properties and therefore fails to satisfy the Policy in its entirety.

Access to the proposed development is via a very narrow lane which affords only one car width and no opportunity for vehicles to pass. Visibility along this lane is restricted by a right-hand bend (coming from the direction of the A393) which increases the chance of cars meeting in the lane with one having to reverse. This could result in one vehicle having to reverse into the A393. It could also precipitate bad relations between neighbours. Two dwellings could mean at least four, if not more, additional cars using the lane daily. Council fails to see how the lane could be widened or otherwise improved to avoid such issues. The lane is not adequate for emergency vehicles or for refuse collection. It fails to meet the requirements of NDP Policy Seven.7.
The visibility from the lane onto the A393 is totally inadequate. The fact that other property owners have a vehicular right of access to the lane (probably more than 100 years) does not sanction an intensification of its use such as this development would create.
Council may prove better disposed towards development of the site if it was for only one dwelling and had vehicular access from Strawberry Fields instead of the A393.

  • Application PA18/10535
    Proposal Forming new driveway at front of property
    Location 12 Tresavean Terrace Lanner Moor Lanner
    Applicant Mr & Mrs S Whitehurst
    Resolved: Lanner Parish Council is OPPOSED to this application.
    The Lanner Neighbourhood Plan has passed through Examination and goes to Referendum on 21 February 2019. Where appropriate, comments refer to policies within that document.
    This site is located at the end of a terrace of former miners’ cottages and forms an important part of the eastern gateway into Lanner village, not least by the uniform and traditional continuous front stone boundary wall which then turns up into Tresavean Hill. The approval of this application would result in considerable damage to the historic overall street scene with no prospect of mitigation. The proposal runs contrary to POLICY SIX: Principles for Design and Character in Development. In particular, it fails to integrate into the existing surroundings; it does not take account of the character and appearance of the historical environment of the area; it would dilute an existing and valued sense of place. Further, by proposing a drop kerb at a junction with the A393 it has an adverse effect on safety and good street layout, particularly if access to or egress from the proposed parking spaces is carried out in reverse gear. There is access to the rear of the property by a private lane further up Tresavean Hill which would avoid all of these disadvantages.
    The property lies very close to a Flood Plain 3 and the siting and design give rise to considerable concern regarding water run-off and impact on the A393.

Decision notice:
PA18/09112: Chy Lowen Tresavean Lanner Redruth Cornwall TR16 6AL
Resubmission of approved application PA18/00482 for the proposed conversion of existing garage/ workshop into ancillary living accommodation to allow for variation of condition 2 to enable use for paying guests and ancillary accommodation.

PC18/190: Website

  • To receive statistics relating to usage – previously circulated. This information had been previously circulated and was noted. The size and origin of a large upswing in site visits suggested a marked increase in hacking attempts.

PC18/191: United Downs Deep Geothermal Project: – Cllrs Blewett & Bosworth

  • To receive update on drilling rig and commencement of operations. Cllr Bosworth reported on his interesting visit to the site on one of the arranged open days and the anticipated plans were noted with interest.
  • To receive report on inaugural meeting of United Downs Geothermal Community Fund. Cllr Bosworth gave an outline of the type of projects coming forward for funding. A sizeable inroad has already been made into this year’s funding pot.

PC18/192: Emergency Plan – Cllr Marshall

  • To report on positioning/filling of grit/salt bins
    Cllr Marshall thanked Cllrs Luscombe and Wearne for positioning and filling the two grit/salt bins at the entrance to Lanmoor Estate and Tresavean Hill. This now offered opportunity for residents to treat pavement surfaces during periods of ice and snow.

Cllr Marshall was thanked for activating emergency procedures when a car had caught fire on Lanner Hill. Thankfully, the Fire Service was in attendance within four minutes of being called out.

PC18/193: Remembrance Parade:

  • To report attendance at the Lanner & District Silver Band Remembrance Parade – 11th November 2018. Cllr Marshall had attended and laid a wreath on behalf of Council. The event had been well attended by local residents and organisations.
  • To receive report on public comments – road safety. Requests for improved road safety had been received from local residents. There was no support available from the Police for the parade to progress along the A393 and volunteer marshals had acted. It was agreed to discuss this with the organisers, Lanner Band, so that support could be increased in future years.

PC18/194: Christmas celebrations – Cllr Marshall

  • To receive report on erection of Christmas Tree and lighting. Cllr Marshall expressed his thanks and congratulations to all the volunteers that had erected the tree and seasonal lighting throughout the village. Displays had been extended this year to include Lanner Moor Playing Field and Lanner Hill which were in addition to Lanmoor Estate and the Square. The forum was grateful for the support of local businesses for their generosity, the Redruth Charitable trust for a grant and local residents for power supplies.
  • To note loan of lights to local residents. Several sets of indoor lights had been loaned to local residents to encourage and support window displays. It was hoped that this would increase festive displays.
  • To confirm details of switch on event and position/duties of marshals. The event was scheduled for 7 December with the parade leaving Lanner School at 6.30 pm ready for the switch on at 7 pm. A full list of the position for marshals and safety notes would be circulated to all volunteers prior to the event.
  • To note participation of clubs/organisations. The Lanner Scout group had been invited to perform the ‘switch on’ and would also be serving hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts. Members of the Methodist Chapel would be providing face painting for children and the Lanner Band Academy and the Hayle Samba Band would be offering musical performance.

PC18/195: Environmental: Environmental: Cllrs Wood, Repper & Wearne

  • Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers:
    To receive update regarding eroded steps from Lanner Green to Tramway
    Since steps at this location had become so eroded that use was dangerous and Cornwall Council had failed to address the issue it was resolved to place signs indicating the potential danger and advising the public to contact Cornwall Council.
    Water run off Carn Marth to Lanner Hill & Pennance Road
    The substantial amount of water running from Carn Marth onto Lanner Hill and Pennance Road was noted and reports had been made to Cornwall Council. Some debris had been cleared but the severe erosion to pathways continued and would still continue unless Cornwall Council carried out remedial works. This was not anticipated. Reports would be submitted as required.
  • To receive report on meeting regarding Mineral Tramways Partnership. Cllr Wood reported on a successful meeting to discuss the reformation of the Mineral Tramways Partnership. Each member parish had now received information and maps so that condition reports could be compiled. The Lanner Scout group had volunteered to undertake this in Lanner. This information would then form the basis of discussions for improvements. There was plenty of opportunity for volunteers to become involved.
  • To receive report on results of drop in sessions to collect witness statements to support application for inclusion on the definitive map. Cllr Repper reported that most sessions had been well attended and information was now being collated. Further statements were still required to support the application to make additions to the definitive map and this would be done over the next couple of months. It was a painstaking process that required a high level of attention to detail to ensure successful applications.
  • Environmental crime – reports of fly tipping, off road motor bikes, anti-social cyclists and dog poo. Incidents continued to be reported to Cornwall Council as required.
  • To receive report on progress with installation of mobile CCTV. Cllrs Luscombe & Wearne had completed installation of CCTV cameras; results would be monitored.

PC18/196: Parish Assets:
Toilets and Playing Fields: Cllr Wearne

Safety Inspections/signage

  • To receive report on damage and rectification to play equipment – wet pour repairs required. Cllr Wearne advised that repairs to the wet pour in the toddlers area were required and investigations were being made to obtain a small supply of the required material.
  • To receive quotation for the installation of lock/pay doors. An estimate for the supply of lock/pay doors had been received at a total cost of £3600. The matter of refurbishment of the facilities was discussed and would be included on a future agenda.
  • To receive confirmation of order of new play equipment. The new play equipment had been ordered and should be installed in the early spring.

Tresavean Trail:

  • To note erection of signage to prohibit vehicular access. Cllr Wearne reported that the post first installed had been removed almost immediately and before the concrete had set. A new post had been installed and the signage successfully erected. This gave clear indication of the point at which vehicular access must cease.

Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard: Cllr Wood

  • To note timescale for the proposed works. Cllr Wood advised that the Contractor was continuing to calculate removal of materials and updates would be received in due course. Works were still scheduled for February 2019.
  • To report on meeting with Officers of Cornwall Council regarding grass cutting at old cemetery and churchyard. A meeting held to discuss the transfer of grass cutting schedule to the parish if the Churchyard was successfully ‘closed’ had confirmed that CC would be willing in principle to transfer but the amount payable by them would not meet the total costs. Council agreed to consider this matter in greater detail once the ‘closure’ had been affected. All other responsibilities for hedges, headstones and monuments would remain the responsibility of CC.
  • To report on meeting with Open Reach. A site meeting to confirm the need to remove and replace a telegraph pole had taken place. Advance notice of access would be received by the Clerk.
  • To consider Business Plan for Lawn Cemetery and increase to fees. In order to bring the fees in closer comparison with Cornwall Council and to ensure the overall viability of the Lawn Cemetery there was a need to increase the fees. These were considered, and it was resolved to accept the recommendations. The new fees would be introduced with effect from 1 January 2019 and be published along with information about the facilities available on the website. Active distribution of information to suppliers and professional services would commence in early 2019.
    Church Green:
    No matters at this time.


  • Tresavean Mine – to note information from Cornwall Council and Cllr Hannaford. Replies to correspondence had still not been received this would be followed up once again.

PC18/197: Correspondence:

  • Consultation Integrated Risk Management Plan 2019-2021 – circulated.

PC18/198: Date of next meeting:

  • Council meeting: Monday 17 December 2018 – change to usual schedule.
  • Planning meeting: Tuesday 11 December 2018 – commencing at 6pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.03 pm.



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