Lanner Parish Council Minutes 31 August 2018

Lanner Parish Council – Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 31 August 2018 in the Village Hall, commencing 6.30pm.

Present: Cllr. Wood (Chair), Cllr Anson, Cllr Blewett, Cllr Luscombe, Cllr Marshall, Cllr Rabey, Cllr Repper and Cllr Wearne.
In attendance: Mrs E Youlton, Clerk.

PC18/119: Apologies for absence:
Cllr Bosworth (holiday)

PC18/120: Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

PC18/121: To consider written requests for dispensation:
None submitted.

PC18/122: To discuss and formulate Council’s response to the Cornwall Council consultation on Distribution of Community Infrastructure Levy.
The matter was discussed and the survey completed online. Council favoured the option of application to a central fund to support improvements to local infrastructure rather than the fund being allocated to each parish as this would considerably dilute the scale of project possible. Council further considered that the deciding panel should consist of members across the community and not be dominated by Cornwall Council.

PC18/123: To receive report from Cornwall Councilor John Thomas
In the absence of Cllr Thomas no report was received.

PC18/124: Administration:

  • To accept minutes of the meeting held on 26 July 2018 Resolved: Minutes of the meeting were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.
  • Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda
  • Update on alternative proposals put forward for new Cornwall Council Division boundaries. It was confirmed that representations had been submitted by Council and Ward Member Cllr Thomas. These had been met favourably by the panel and recommendation to the Review Committee remained as previously – a CC ward of Gwennap/Stithians/ Lanner.
  • Update on new email addresses for Councillors and introduction of email policy. Following all aspects of email use and particularly with the requirements of GDPR and FOI requests it was resolved that email addresses would remain as now and a provision of a new address would not be required. A policy would be drafted and presented to Council in due course.
  • To consider and approve new and revised Council policies and procedures:
    Financial Regulations
    Members Allowance
    Community Grants
    Draft policies have been circulated to Councillors and it was resolved that these be formally adopted by Council.
  • To consider the rationale for the production of a Newsletter and associated timescales. It was resolved that since the Newsletter was an effective means of communication the next edition would be circulated in late October/ early November. Topics would include an update on Speeding traffic, Footpath project, Community Awards and details of the Christmas Switch on.
  • To note the dates of staff holidays. Clerk, Elaine Youlton will be on leave from Thursday 4 October and return to work on Friday 12 October.

PC18/125: Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:

Mr D HallVillage maint£445.42
Mrs D Moon Toilets£62.00
Mr M HeatherMaint. Progs.£1247.70
Mr. P Mahoney - StreamlineWebsite/ NDP£623.99
Mrs E Youltonreimbursements£12.02
Goddard Fitness holiday project£150.00
Warne’s Plantswatering hanging baskets£219.00
Lanner Schoolreplacement cheque £500.00
PKF Littlejohnannual audit£360.00
Mr J Wilkins tree cutting£180.00
Mr T Wearnereimbursement £176.70
Staff costs£1535.60

Financial statements & payments for the month of August were presented to Council, approved and are appended to these Minutes. Full Accounts also appear on the website to note conclusion of Annual Audit by PKK Littlejohn and to note receipt of report and supporting comments.
Council were advised that the report of the conclusion of the Annual External Audit had been received and would be published on the Council website. The Audit advised that the Annual Governance Statement had been approved prior to the 31 March and this was not inline with requirements. The Clerk advised that if consideration and resolution had not been done at this meeting considerable difficulty would have arisen in ensuring that all deadlines for submission of accounts were met. Further investigation was being made into this apparent contradiction in the regulations.

PC18/126: Highways and Transport

  • To confirm action taken following a joint meeting to consider solutions to the problems of speed of traffic, congestion and on street parking at Bell Lane and Lanmoor Estate with Cornwall Council, Ward Member and Lanner School – Cllrs Wood & Wearne. A meeting will take place with Mr K Walsh, new Headteacher, to confirm agreement to carry out wider consultation with residents of neighbouring properties that may be affected by the proposed changes.
  • To receive update on mapping of car parking on A393. This exercise had been completed and details of the survey would be sent to Adrian Drake, Cormac, so that a proposed scheme could be drawn up. Full consultation would then be arranged.
  • To receive an update on changes to the bus service provision to support pupils travelling from/to Lanner and Redruth School and provision of school lockers for outdoor wear. Council had not received further contact on this matter but it was noted via social media that children seemed to have adjusted to new travel arrangements and the timing of buses had proved successful. The more pressing matter seemed to be that of an absence of cloakroom facilities and Cllr Wood was addressing this currently with George Eustice, MP. It was hoped that through close liaison funding to secure appropriate facilities could be secured.
  • Speedwatch: To receive update on progress. This matter was being led by Cornwall Cllr John Thomas.
  • To confirm meeting with Adrian Drake. 3rd October at 12:00. To consider agenda and attendance of Councillors. This meeting would allow Council to address matters directly with Cormac and would focus on matters of highways and environment. An outline agenda would be circulated in due course.
  • To note response received on the number of accidents occurring in the area of Trevarth. Council were advised of the different methods used to record data on accidents. This was most likely to account for the difference in statistics against what had actually been witnessed.
  • To receive report on overhanging branches at cemetery. Council were advised that branches overhanging from the Churchyard were reported to have caused damage to a vehicle. Arrangements had been made with BT, Western Power and a contractor to cut back to an appropriate height and density. Since the area was not owned or managed by Council any costs would be the responsibility of Christchurch.
  • To receive report on overhanging bushes at Lanner Hill. This matter had been reported to Cornwall Council on several occasions and inspection had been carried out by the Area Steward. The problem was worse when the 30-mph flashing sign was obscured and the visual display showing speed of traffic impaired. Notices had been served to properties where cutting was required and a request for inspection to confirm appropriate action had been made.

PC18/127: MVRG:

  • To note date of next meeting – 20 September, 2018. This date and guest speakers – Cllr Edwina Hannaford, CC, Portfolio Holder Neighbourhoods and Simon Mould, CC, Head of Emergency Planning were noted.
  • To consider items for the attention of speakers. It was agreed that the items to be addressed were principally a proposal for a separate Network Panel for the Mining Villages and improvements to the process of devolution.
  • To confirm Members attending. Cllr Wood confirmed his planned attendance. Members were invited to inform the Clerk if attending.
  • To receive update on Trails Website. Cllr Wood advised that he had received an enquiry from a group from Germany who were planning a visit to the area and who were particularly interested in mining history. He had offered contact details of various links and of Mark Kaczmarek who had agreed to offer a tour/talk.

PC18/128: To receive update on progress of project to offer activities to support the development life skills for under 18-year-old – Cllr Wood.
Council was advised that despite continuous advertising and promotion places had not been filled for the programme.
One young person had greatly enjoyed the fitness sessions at Strawberry Fields but he remained the only participant. It was hoped that this programme could be adapted and possibly trialled again during future holiday periods.

PC18/129: To confirm arrangements for Annual Parish Assembly to be held on Wednesday 19 September 2018 – Cllr Wood.
It was resolved that the Chairman would offer an address outlining some of the key issues of interest to the community. A Q & A session would follow to allow those attending to seek and offer information. Topics such as the Emergency Plan, NDP and Definitive Map would feature in a range of stands around the Hall. Advertising had been made via posters, website and social media. The Community Awards would be presented.

PC18/130: To receive update on responses to the survey on the proposed merger of Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police – Cllr Wood.
Cllr Wood reported on the reply received from the Police & Crime Commissioner, Alison Hernandez to the letter from MVRG requesting further information. This reply showed lack clarity and substance and the questions posed had not been answered. The matter would be pursued further by the MVRG since the concerns expressed were shared across all parishes.

PC18/131: Parish Plan Review and Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Wood
To note end of Consultation period is 6 September and to confirm process that will follow.
Cllr Wood advised that the Examiner had been appointed and would commence study of the Plan in due course. It was likely that some questions would arise, and these would need to be addressed. Progress was positive so far and everything was moving towards the referendum

PC18/132: Planning:
To consider the following applications:

Application PA18/07063
Proposal New conservatory
Location 3 Phillips Terrace, The Square, Lanner
Applicant Mr. And Mrs. Brough
Following advice from the Applicant during public participation Council notes that it is intended that a material amendment will be made to this application.
Resolved: Subject to this amendment ensuring that the boundary wall with the adjacent dwelling, number 2 Philips Terrace, is retained Council offer no objection to the proposal. It is understood that this would accord with the wishes of the neighbouring occupiers who have submitted objection to the application in its current form.
Council look forward to an update of changes to the application.

Application PA18/07268
Proposal Proposed two storey rear extension
Location 7 Tresavean Terrace, Lanner Moor, Lanner
Applicant Miss Tanya Bray
Resolved: Council offers no objection to this proposal.
• To ratify comments and decisions on the following matters:
Council noted and resolved to support comments and decisions submitted on the following applications:

PA18/06166 The construction of a single dwelling house on previously developed land to round off the settlement. Land North of Bawdenfield Trevarth Hill Lanner
Protocol: ‘Agree to disagree’

PA18/01591 Construction of new dwelling. Land Adj To Number 10 Coppice Gardens Lanner Moor Lanner.
Protocol: Agree to Disagree

Comments on the following Appeals had been previously circulated and approved; these had subsequently been submitted to the Planning Inspector:
APP/D0840/W/18/3198041 Land Adj to 93 Lanner Hill Lanner
APP/D0840/W/18/3205923 Glenmoor Farm Lanner Moor

  • To confirm submission of information to Cornwall Council Enforcement concerning possible breach of planning regulations at Tresavean Farm
    Reports had been received regarding the stationing of caravans, conversion of a horsebox and unauthorised use of a barn for a dwelling. This information had been forwarded to CC with a request for investigation. A case had been opened and inline with the restrictions of GDPR Council would receive information when and if action was considered appropriate or he case was closed.
  • To note closure of case EN16/022 Alleged change of use of the land from domestic to commercial use (Class B8) and boundaries to property are being exceeded onto land in the ownership of Cornwall Council. – Cresta Chapel Hill Lanner Redruth Cornwall TR16 6BU
  • To report on Cornwall Council response to enquiries regarding the issuance of Cornwall Planning Guidance Notes to developers.
    Cllr Wood reported that representation had been made to Cornwall Council to ensure that local councils were advised of all new Guidance Notes in future and better overall communications to all parties involved in the planning process was achieved.
  • To confirm submission of comments on Cornwall Council’s Planning Validation review.
    Cllr Wood confirmed that comments had been submitted to Cornwall Council as previously circulated.
  • To note response made to preliminary consultation on AONBs in Cornwall.
    Cllr Wood had submitted a response on behalf of Council.
  • To note invitation to Cornwall Council Planning Conference and consider attendees.
    Cllr Luscombe confirmed his willingness to attend this event and it was resolved that expenses would be met by Council.
  • To consider any further planning matters of an urgent nature.
    There were no further matters for urgent consideration.

PC18/133: Website

  • To receive statistics relating to usage
    Statistical information had been circulated and comparison to other sites including Mineral Tramways and Food from Cornwall was made. Performance was favourable with key areas visited indicating interest in minutes, Council members and news articles.
  • To consider further articles for inclusion
    It was noted that it remained important to keep the site updated and articles on points of interest would be welcome. These should be submitted to the Clerk to arrange posting.
  • To request submission of profile for Councillors
    Councillors were reminded that profiles offering residents an insight to their special interests should be included on the site and request for this information to be submitted was made.

PC18/134: United Downs Deep Geothermal Project: – Cllr Blewett

  • To receive update on drilling rig and commencement of operations
    Cllr Blewett advised that there had been further delay to the arrival of the drilling rig, from Germany and it was hoped that this would arrive in Cornwall in early October. Once the machinery had arrived it would be set up and prepared for commissioning.

PC18/135: Environment:

  • Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers
    No new matters for attention had been reported.
  • To receive report on specific paths identified for addition to the Definitive Map and progress with obtaining witness statements to support applications to record undesignated paths onto the definitive map. – Cllr Repper.
    Cllr Repper advised that she had been busy collating information ready for submission. Maps had been printed showing each individual path, grid references established and support for the completion of forms was available. Further drop in sessions would be arranged for October.
  • To note pressing of Cornwall Council for funding to bring Trails surface standard up to scratch.
    It was noted that the Mineral Tramways forum had now been disbanded by Cornwall Council but the need to press for maintenance remained. This matter was also being pursued via the MVRG.
  • To note the shelving by Cornwall Council of the Composite Management Agreement.
    Despite the significant investment of time by many sectors this agreement had been put on hold without any information being shared with Councils.
  • Environmental crime – reports of fly tipping, off road motor bikes, anti-social cyclists and dog poo.
    There had been a drop in instances of reported fly tipping, dog poo and a reduction in the numbers of motorcycles using trails. The surface of the bridleway at Wheal Buller had been significantly improved making use more pleasant – unfortunately this served to attract motor vehicles and would be monitored.
  • To receive report on progress with installation of mobile CCTV
    The required signage had been made and collection would enable erection as soon as possible.
  • Situation with regard to Roundup.
    Full investigation had been made into the safety of using Roundup as an effective way of the eradication of weeds and it was confirmed as having a very low risk to children or animals coming into contact with the substance. Vast quantities would need to be ingested to cause harm.

PC18/136: Parish Assets:

Toilets and Playing Fields:

  • Safety Inspections/signage
    Cllr Wearne reported that all inspections were completed weekly and any faults identified rectified without delay. The edging boards holding the barked areas needed replacement in many areas. Quotations for the supply of timber and associated materials had been obtained. Resolved: to proceed with purchase and Cllr Wearne would oversee installation.
  • To receive update on progress with installations and testing of electricity sockets at toilets
    Cllr Wearne advised that a fault had been detected and remedial works could be undertaken by Western Power as it appeared that there was a fault with the neutral connection. Cllr Wearne would proceed to effect repairs.
  • To note erection of Notice Board in Strawberry Fields Recreation Field.
    The notice board formerly at South Downs had been relocated to Strawberry Fields and served a useful means for advertising. Thanks were recorded to Cllr Wearne for carrying this out.
  • To receive report on fires at Strawberry Fields
    Several areas of burnt grass had been noted and signs had been erected to advise that no fires must be lit in the area. It was considered that this damage may have been caused by the use of disposable barbeques; this was disappointing since grills were available for the stone-built barbecues if requested by residents.

Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard

  • To confirm date of completion of topographical survey to support improvement works
    The survey would be completed during the coming two weeks and once mapping was received a further site meeting would be required to consider levels and gradients at the entrance further.
  • To discuss options for construction of pathway/turning head and parking area.
    Several options were discussed considering gradient, level of use and drainage requirements. It was agreed to hold a further site meeting to evaluate this and other matters. A date would be agreed with the contractor and attended by Cllrs Luscombe, Wearne, Wood and the Clerk.
  • To note proposed meeting with Father Peter Fellows to discuss the long-term management of the Churchyard.
    In order to consider the longer-term maintenance of the Churchyard and potential ‘closure’ which would enable transfer of responsibility to Cornwall Council a meeting would be held with Father Peter Fellows, who carried responsibility for the Churchyard. This would be attended by Cllr Wood with Cllrs Anson and Marshall invited (but in their Church Warden capacity and not as parish councillors).

Church Green:

  • To consider purchase of information sign.
    A quotation for the provision of a sign was considered. This sign would denote the management of the area by Council and offer contact details if required. Resolved: to proceed with the purchase at a coat of £380.
  • Land at Henscol /Tresavean – response from Cornwall Council
    Confirmation of the willingness to transfer the public open space at Henscol had been received from Cornwall Council. An interim Service Level agreement had not yet been received. Quotations for maintenance of the area would be sought in preparation.
    The small parcel at the entrance had still not been transferred and attempts to obtain the required signature from the building company continued.
    The transfer of land at Tresavean remained a greater challenge. Information from Council’s insurers had been sought.

PC18/137: Correspondence:

  • NALC Newsletter and Cornwall Devolution – Council noted the publication of an article in which Cornwall Council and Cornwall Association of Local Councils were held as successful examples was noted. It was considered that whilst success had been achieved in some areas the experience at Lanner reflected a quite different result.
  • Invitations to Civic Services were noted but representatives were unable to attend.

PC18/138: Date of next meeting: Thursday 27 September 2018
Planning Meeting: Tuesday 11 September 2018
Parish Meeting: Wednesday 19 September 2018

PC18/139: Confidential Matters:
Council were advised that letters prohibiting vehicular access beyond the point at which this was agreed had been sent to landowners and tenants adjacent to the Tresavean Trail.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.02 pm.


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