Lanner Parish Council Minutes 28 November 2019

Lanner Parish Council. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 28 November 2019 in the Village Hall, commencing 7.00 pm.

Present: Cllr. Wood (Chair), Cllr Anson, Cllr Bilham, Cllr Bosworth, Cllr Luscombe, Cllr Repper and Cllr Wearne.
In attendance: Mrs E Youlton, Clerk.

PC19/203: Apologies for absence:
Cllrs Marshall (work commitment), Watson (ill health)
Cornwall Cllr John Thomas

PC19/204: Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

PC19/205: To consider written requests for dispensation:

PC19/206: To receive report from Cornwall Councillor John Thomas:
An emailed apology had been received from Cornwall Cllr Thomas who undertook to provide a full report in due course.

PC19/207: Administration:

  • To accept minutes of the Council meeting held on 24 October 2019. Minutes of the meeting were accepted and duly signed by the Chairman.
  • To receive report from Clerk(s) for November 2019. Report was received indicating a range of issues addressed by Clerks during November.
  • To receive update regarding implementation of Council email addresses to meet the requirements of GDPR. All Members had now received instructions of how to set up new email addresses on devices, with usernames and passwords. Those that had attempted this had experienced some hitches and these were being addressed. It was requested that once set up was complete Members should advise the Clerk so that the new address could be used and published for contact.
  • To report on attendance and support at the Remembrance Parade – Sunday 10 November. Thanks, were extended to Cllr Luscombe for his attendance and laying the wreath on behalf of Council. Thanks, were also expressed to Cllrs Marshall and Wearne for attending and marshalling the parade on foot and by vehicle. The Lanner Band, who organise the parade and service, had written to thank all those who had volunteered to steward the parade which had made a huge difference to the safety of participants.
  • Freedom of Information request. Council were advised that a FOI request had been received which called for information relating to correspondence (received and sent) concerning climate change. Cllr Wood had crafted a suitably open and informative reply which was greatly appreciated by the applicant. A copy of Council Newsletter was also forwarded. Following constructive interaction, the root of the enquiry was established as being to demonstrate the lack of consultation that had been made in relation to the National Adaptation Programme and many other matters relating to climate change which may have been helpful to local councils. Thanks, were exchanged and no further action was required.

PC19/208: Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:

Staff costsMembers only
Mr D HallVillage maint£553.17
Mrs D Moon Toilets£60.00
Mr M Heathermaintenance£914.80
Mr. P Mahoney Website maintenance £200.00
Adobe subscription£15.17
Microsoft Office subscription£7.99
HP Instant Ink £7.99
Mrs T Marshall reimbursement£74.75
Festive lights£647.95
Ronnie Richardson behalf of Defib Group£3244.20
Cllr T Wearnereimbursements£151.09
M. CaddyCemetery works£2685.00
L Good Cemetery works£760.00
Redborne Printersposters p/plan£posters p/plan
Luscombe Construction cemetery project £4327.86
Tesco stores/Portreath bakeryParish Plan£157.13
Xmas Wholesale FC gifts£79.73
Vikingoffice supplies£47.02
Western Power installation power supply£3960.66
Tree Tec tree survey£200.00
Cornwall Council planning conference£30.00
Cornwall Council rates£68.00
REC hire of lift£192.00
RECwiring Lanner Square£2695.97
REC festoon lights (paid by donation)£1140.00
Scribe Accounting package£416.40

Financial statements & payments for the month of November were presented to Council, approved and are appended to these Minutes. Full Accounts also appear on the website.

  • To note report on pension provisions. A report regarding pension provisions, including legal obligations as an employer, had been circulated prior to the meeting. Council resolved that since Clerks had indicated, that on reaching the required threshold, they would like to accept the required pension provision this would be provided with effect from 1 April 2020. Following evaluation of pension schemes, it was resolved to utilise the NEST scheme.

PC19/209: Budget 2020/2021:

  • To consider and approve the budget and precept. Careful consideration was given to the proposed budget, with evaluation of proposed projects for the coming year. This included transfer of the Lanner Village Hall to the ownership of Council, possible transfer of areas of Carn Marth and further negotiation regarding other devolution; as well as maintaining current commitments to improvements at Lanner Lawn Cemetery and maintenance and management of existing property and services.
    After discussions on each line of budgeted figures, relating to the work of Council, it was resolved to increase the precept by 10%. Submission of the figure would be made to Cornwall Council for proportional collection of this via the Council Tax system. A full copy of the budget is appended to the minutes.

PC19/210: To receive reports on attendance at the following meetings:

  • Localism Summit – Cllr Wood
    Cllr Wood had previously circulated a detailed report following his attendance at this event. Council noted the following points:
  • Most attendees agreed that service devolution (versus asset devolution) requires better funding from CC. Levels of partnership support were currently at less than the living wage.
  • It was also widely agreed that devolution was resisted in some quarters of Cornwall Council for fear of losing control. Interestingly, asset devolution now often includes the application of service standards as a covenant.
  • It was confirmed that Local member support for devolution was not mandatory but is desirable. We are possibly the only parish not to have received this. Non-local councils (eco groups and so on) do find it harder to get support from local member or indeed from local council. This is often politically motivated.
  • Talk from Tony Armstrong, CEO of Locality who have monitored devolution in four UK locations, Cornwall being one of them. Cornwall is regarded as the national leader in devolution and localism within the country.
  • It was asked whether there could be relaxation in the Code of Conduct so that volunteers could engage in committees, sub-groups and the like without having to conform to the declarations of interest parish councillors have to go through: particularly where financial decisions are not made. This was not really answered by Cornwall Council.
  • No one seemed bothered about the need to hold a particular level of reserves. Many, if not most, do not hold reserves sufficient to take up any project and have to look for other areas of finance.
  • Most Community Networks seem to work well and are valued. CPIR seems to be an exception in its problems – possibly due to its size and the dominance of the urban population.
  • Devolution of funds to combat ASB and other enforcement issues not considered a priority.

Points from Climate Change Session

  • Apparently 7,000 copies of the Stithians Energy Group’s booklet have been distributed. Given that even more of the “facts” in it have been shown to be in error since it came out this is worrying. Cllr Wood has asked to address their next available meeting.
  • The argument is carbon-neutral driven although Cornwall Council do now recognise biodiversity is also in a state of emergency and issues such as air and water quality, human health and social justice do have to come into the equation.
  • Cornwall is the second poorest county in England and one of the poorest regions in Europe. The move to carbon neutral comes at a cost. Consequently, if Cornwall pursues carbon neutrality by 2030 against a national target date of 2050 the disadvantaged in Cornwall will be economically further disadvantaged in comparison with other areas of the UK. Cornwall Council fails to see that this works directly against their aim for social justice.
  • Work is now being undertaken to review the Cornwall Local Plan, but parishes are not yet involved.
  • Work is also taking place on a Climate Change DPD (Development Plan Document) to “sit alongside NDPs” and thereby impose climate change policies and standards on all planning decisions. These reviews will aim to 2050
  • Wind and solar policies are going to change.
  • Disposable plastic cutlery is used in schools such as Camelford whose meals are provided by an external contracted caterer.
  • Every secondary school has signed up to a green charter.


  • Planning Conference – Cllr Wood
    Cllr Wood had previously circulated a detailed report following his attendance at this event. Council noted the following points:
    Climate Change:

    • Cornwall Council seems to be giving credence (as do the local press) to “Climate Central” projections of loss of coastal housing over the next 30 years (though these projections are not supported by the Environment Agency).
    • Cornwall Council says “farming practices must change”: how and to what it is unfortunately silent on.
    • CC is lobbying government for more powers to deal with climate change. Again, there is no detail on what powers are sought, how they would be applied or, indeed, why they are necessary.
    • The Climate Change Development Plan Document (DPD) is being put together and will be put out for consultation at the beginning of March 2020. It will include issues such as large-scale renewables, energy efficiency standards (which may be different from national standards), coastal change and flooding areas; and natural climate solutions. Scoping for the DPD has begun and there are “no closed doors on content”.
    • Cornwall Council is keen that NDPs in preparation should consider allocating areas for renewable energy production.
    • The existing Cornwall Council Area Landscape Assessments are being reviewed and may be substantially altered to facilitate the Forest for Cornwall: that is, some areas protected for their open, stark impact on the landscape may be altered to allow for woodland plantations.
      Community Infrastructure Levy:
      Lanner is in Zone 5 for CIL – which means it is zero rated. When development takes place no CIL is charged. In areas where CIL is charged (Zones 1 – 4) the parish council gets 15% of the tax or 25% if there is an NDP in place. The balance (the Strategic Share) goes to Cornwall Council who, after administration costs, can apply it for infrastructure provision.
      Cornwall Council has now decided that parishes in Zone 5 will automatically be awarded some money from the Strategic Share: the equivalent of basic Zone 4. For Lanner, a standard 68m2 house where building commences after 01 January 2019 will give rise to a payment of £357. Normally, Zone 4 will produce £100 per m2 for developments of less than 10 and £35 per m2 for larger developments. This special payment is assessed off the lower rate with no addition for an NDP. Further details are to follow.
      Parishes can spend on the maintenance of infrastructure as well as new infrastructure. It was the case that Cornwall Council could only spend on infrastructure itemised in what was called a 123 List. This was to separate CIL from s106 payments. That has now been abolished. CIL and s106 money can now be spent on the same projects.
      Cornwall Council intends that the balance of the Strategic Share will be spent on local projects. Consequently, from mid-2020 bids will be invited for this money. Projects, including joint projects, should start being assembled.
      So far, £173,000 has been received from CIL with £276,000 to come in. Relief has been granted to self-builds, extensions and annexes totalling £4.4 million in tax. Future revenue should be about £1.5 million a year.

New Design Standards: These will soon be released. The new document will be particularly important because Lanner’s NDP references the county design standards as being applicable in the parish.
Development Viability: It was interesting to find that the Affordable Housing team are applying developer’s profit figures much more closely to those proposed by Cllr Wood for viability a year or two ago. That means they’re now using 17% versus 20% (+). They are also now pursuing a more vigorous approach to rural exception sites in that they need to start from a base of 100% affordable homes and not from the prescribed minimum of 50%. The current interpretation and assessment of local need also appears to be more in alignment to the arguments which Lanner has been expounding for the past six years.

  • Carn Marth Trust AGM – Cllr Bosworth
    Cllr Bosworth advised that since the AGM was not quorate no formal decisions could be made, and arrangements were in hand to reschedule a further special meeting. However, casual discussion regarding the transfer of land currently owned/leased by CMT to the parish council offered early indication that this is a favourable option to members of the Trust. The deeds were being obtained with a view to consideration of finer detail and legal advice would be sought as required.

PC19/211: Planning:
Proposal: Non-material amendment to PA18/07288 to raise ridge height of building.
Location: Berwyn Pennance Road Lanner TR16 5TF
Applicant: Mr Garry Vitta
As this application was for a non-material amendment only it had been considered by Cllr Luscombe, Wearne & Wood. It was resolved that the response of ‘ no objections to the proposal’ was ratified.

PC19/212: Community Governance Review: Cllr Wood

  • To receive report on ‘door to door’ survey completed on Saturday 14 November.
    Cllr Wood advised that this exercise to determine resident’s preference regarding the changes proposed by Redruth Town Council to the parish boundary had proved informative. Cllrs Bosworth, Luscombe, Marshall, Wearne along with himself and the Clerk had visited 155 properties and asked residents to indicate their preference. Residents that were not at home at that time were left a short outline and an opportunity to reply with their indication by post or email.
  • To receive report on responses to survey and actions taken to inform Cornwall Cllrs of results.
    70 responses were recorded, with 45% of houses found with someone at home.
    Of the responses received, 94% wish to remain in Lanner. 3% wish to be in Redruth. 3% were undecided.#

Significant reasons for wishing to remain in Lanner were:

  • A personal or family affiliation to Lanner as distinct from Redruth.
  • Participation in community groups or activities within Lanner.
  • A gravitation to goods and services in Falmouth or Truro rather than Redruth to which there is little sense of relationship.
  • Support of Lanner Parish Council in, for example, action against speeding vehicles, regular newsletter, Neighbourhood Development Plan, Neighbourhood Watch.
    A statement detailing these results had been sent to all Cornwall Councillors urging them to support the retention of existing boundaries.
  • To note date of Cornwall Council meeting and times for further consultation of residents by Cornwall Council.
    Cornwall Council will meet to discuss the Governance Review on Tuesday 10 December. It was understood that following the public consultation meeting of 14 October held by the Review Panel, a counter proposal has been put forward by Cornwall & Redruth Town Councillor Ian Thomas (who did not attend the public consultation) which seeks to absorb all those houses to the west of Sandy Lane including part of South Downs, The Paddock plus Clijah Lane and Wheal Trefusis.
    Lanner Parish Council has not had the opportunity to comment on this new proposal. Council vehemently rejects the proposal.
    Further consultation will be undertaken by Cornwall Council on these proposals in early 2020 if they receive approval from a meeting of Cornwall Council on 10 December.

PC19/213: Lanner Village Hall Trustees – Cllr Wood

  • To receive update on process/requirements to affect transfer of hall to Parish Council.
    Submissions had been made to the Charity Commission to request approval of transfer of assets from the Village Hall Trustees/Charity to Council. Information regarding the process required had not yet been received but was anticipated in the near future.

PC19/214: Highways and Transport – Cllrs Wearne and Wood

  • Update on positioning of mobile speed activated signs.
    Some delay had resulted as the Clerk had had some difficulty obtaining the correct support clips. The MSAS had been cleaned, recharged and reset and would be erected by Cllr Wearne at South Downs in the coming week.
  • To receive report following multi agency meeting held on 19 November to consider possible speed reduction at Comford and other speed reduction measures within Lanner.
    Cllr Wood reported on his attendance at a meeting at which a comprehensive report commissioned by Cornwall Council/Cormac was presented. The report and notes had been previously circulated to Members and contained information relating to a range of traffic management and speed reduction measures. These measures included the use of ‘coloured tarmac’ to highlight use by cyclists crossing the A393 at Carn Marth Lane (including a safety island), implementation of yellow lines and restrictions to parking in the vicinity of Lanner School, consideration of on street parking and restrictions to parking throughout the village and further consideration of the reduction of speed limit at Comford. In addition, there are proposals to widen pavements (particularly near doctors’ surgery), the possibility of a pedestrian controlled crossing, and to take action against parking on/obstructing pavements and moving the Fixed SAS on Lanner Hill to the verge by Pennance Road entrance.
    The comments of those attending the meeting would now be considered alongside the report and once finalised works undertaken or bids for funding made.

PC19/215: MVRG/CPIR: – Cllrs Anson, Luscombe and Wood:

  • To receive report following CPIR meeting held on 12 November 2019
    Cllr Anson advised that a very successful meeting had taken place. Commencing at Crossroads Care Home, where delegates were given an insight to care provisions for those suffering from dementia, the meeting then moved to Kresen Kernow for a further opportunity to see the new County records provision.
  • To receive report following MVRG meeting held on 14 November 2019
    Notes from Cllr Wood, following his attendance at this meeting had been previously circulated and centred on the following issues: Neighbourhoods and Public Protection, Churchyard and Cycle Trail Websites, World Heritage Trails Leaflet, Mining Trails Forum, Invitation of Membership to Portreath, Rural Status Report and reports from other member parishes.

PC19/216: Parish Plan: Cllr Wood:

  • To receive report following public consultation event held on Saturday 16 November
    Cllr Wood acknowledged that, despite extensive advertising, the turn out for this event had been exceedingly poor. However, those that had attended offered comment and ideas which was greatly appreciated. Thanks, were extended to Cllrs Luscombe and Wearne for their efforts in staging the information for the event and this would be retained in case a future opportunity for use of the posters occurred.
    The comments would now be collated and in line with the aims and ambitions of Council, Cllr Wood would write a draft Parish Plan. Any further comments should be forwarded to him as soon as possible.
    Jane Charman, Geothermal project, who attended the day to offer information on the project had indicated that she was pleased with the engagement experienced and considered it to have been a success.

PC19/217: Police Liaison:

  • To receive report of police actions to address crime in Lanner and surrounding areas.
    Council were advised that there remains a very low level of crime in Lanner, but police presence continues and contact for help and assistance is always available. PCSO Thorne attended the Remembrance parade and a representative of the Neighbourhood team hoped to attend the Switch on of Christmas Lights. Monitoring of parking on pavements continued and use of vehicles on footpaths/bridleways would be heavily targeted from the spring. Although no apprehensions had been made investigations had been made into damage to parked vehicles. It was considered that Speed watch was being delivered on a fairly regular basis, but new members could always join the scheme and then more sessions could be operated. The installation of CCTV cameras at the playing field was fully supported and usually deterred incidents of vandalism.

PC19/218: Website – Cllr Wood:

  • To receive statistics relating to usage – previously circulated
    Statistics had been circulated and were noted.
  • To receive update on progress with redesigning of website and provision of a suitable App.
    A draft of the new design had been received and some feedback had been offered. Work to complete the design and supply content would begin in earnest in the New Year. Although, some information regarding the provision of an App was available greater investigation was required.

PC19/219: United Downs Deep Geothermal Project: – Cllr Bosworth

  • To receive update on progress of the project
    Cllr Bosworth advised that although the project was currently running about two months behind schedule, it was still moving forward and had a positive outlook. The Team continued to offer visits to the project to learn more about the current achievements and future aims.

PC19/220: Christmas Lights: Cllrs Bilham & Marshall

  • To receive update on installation of supply of electricity and supporting infrastructure to power Christmas at Lanner Square.
    Cllr Bilham advised that Western Power Distribution and Redruth Electrical Contractors had completed all the works required and despite difficulty the meter for supply was installed too. This meant all was connected, tested and approved for use.
  • To receive update on erection of Christmas tree and lights
    Volunteers and Councillors had worked really hard and all lights had been erected at Lanner Moor Playing Field, Lanmoor Estate, Lanner Hill and Lanner Square. The tree would be collected by Cllr Luscombe from Kehelland and delivered to the Square for erection and decoration on Saturday 30 November. Council expressed thanks to all those who had helped and contributed.
  • To receive report on art project to create lanterns with pupils of Lanner school.
    Assistant Clerk, Teresa Marshall had been working with staff and children at Lanner School to create lanterns to be carried on the parade. To avoid the use of single use plastics this year these had been crafted with willow and pinecones to create angels. Sincere thanks were extended to all those involved.
  • To receive update on arrangements for ‘switch on event’; participation of clubs/organisations, position and duty of stewards.
    The parade would form at Lanner School and leave at 6.30pm, accompanied by the Haylestorm Samba band and Father Christmas. Moving through Lanmoor Estate and then on to Lanner Moor Playing Field, Cornish Barista will serve hot drinks, Lanner band will serve hot foods and operate a licenced bar, Lanner Scouts will have roasted chestnuts and mince pies and sweet treats donated by volunteers will be served free of charge. Father Christmas will give presents to the children and musical entertainment will continue with Lanner Band Academy. The lights will be switched on by the Lanner Lions Mother & Toddler group at 7 pm. First Aid provision will be available from Emergency Plan volunteer, Fiona Brookes.
  • To confirm all permissions/licenses/permits/insurance have been approved
    Approval had been granted for the erection of seasonal lighting, collecting permit had been approved and Lanner Band held licence to sell alcohol. Council insurers had been informed of all details of the parade and event.

PC19/221: Environment: Cllrs Luscombe, Repper, Wearne and Wood

  • Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers
    Considerable water run off was noted on many paths along with muddy conditions. This was unavoidable due to inclement weather, but significant erosion was noted at Tresavean Tramway. Investigation and potential actions were still being pursued in relation to the diversion of the water course at Carn Marth. Significant damage had resulted to the surface of the multi-use trail and connecting footpaths.
  • To receive update on the use of Incident Report Cards.
    Cllr Bosworth had witnessed an incident of littering and that would be reported to Cornwall Council. Electronic version of the Incident Report Card would be recirculated to Cllrs and more paper copies requested for distribution.
  • To note meeting of Mining Trails Forum to be held at Lanner on 04 December 1400hrs.
  • To note possible CIL project.
    Cllr Wood explained that once the Community Infrastructure Levy fund opened for applications it was hoped that one could be submitted to support repairs to surfaces of multi-use trails throughout member parishes of the Mineral Trails Forum. This would be a joint submission and further surveys of condition of path surfaces would be required.
  • To receive report on progress with the reinstatement of a barrier along a section where the Tresavean Trail meets the Great Flat Lode, with the support and consent of Cornwall Council.
    Works to complete this would be undertaken by early January.
  • To receive and note results of tree survey.
    Cllr Wearne reported that he had accompanied a specialist of Tree Tec to survey tress on all Council owned/managed land. A report on the health of trees had been received and this contained advice on future actions to address preservation and address disease. The report would be studied further, and an action plan presented for consideration by Council in the spring.
  • To receive further information on electric charging points.
    Investigations into possibilities to obtain grant funding were continuing with support available from Office for Low Emission Vehicles. During the election period advice could not be given but an application for future consideration would be prepared.
  • To receive information regarding roadside tributes on grass verges.
    Enquiries had been received from local residents regarding the length of time roadside tributes were permitted to remain. Since the area of land referred to was not in the ownership of Council the matter was referred to Cornwall Council.

PC19/222: Parish Assets:
Toilets and Playing Fields: Cllr Wearne & Wood

  • Safety Inspections/to note repairs to defects

Cllr Wearne reported that no major defects had been identified and minor repairs had all been completed.

  • To receive update on installation of CCTV at Lanner Moor Playing Field

Cllr Wearne reported that the installation of cameras had been completed and signage erected. It is hoped that this would deter future vandalism at the toilets. Monitoring would continue.
Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard: Cllr Wood

  • To receive update on status of works.
    Due to the high level of recent rainfall all works at the Cemetery had ceased. The ground was far too sodden to ensure the stability of the installation of gabions. Once a sufficient period of dry weather arrived works to complete the entrance and lay the tarmac would continue.
  • To receive update on ‘Service Level Agreement’, to support devolution of works and future management, from Cornwall Council following ‘closure’ of Churchyard
    There was no further information available from Cornwall Council.
  • To receive report of interim works to hazardous areas of footpath
    Interim works to ensure safety of pedestrians over a slippery stretch of the entrance path had been completed by Cornwall Council. The response to request from Council had been extremely rapid and works completed to a high standard.
  • To receive update on formation of team of volunteers to complete survey of burials at the Churchyard.
    Discussions continued with volunteers and efforts would continue in earnest in the new year to be ready for surveying in the spring.
    Lanmoor Entrance splays:
  • To receive information from Cornwall Council regarding devolution with an interim license to occupy.
    There had been a delay to an internal meeting of Cornwall Council officers. Council were advised that an update would be available from 9 December.

PC19/223: Correspondence:
CPIR Climate Change Action Group – invitation to join this new group. Cllr Bosworth volunteered his services, and this was gratefully accepted by Council.

Press reports regarding Falmouth Docks obtaining permissions to deal with nuclear waste were noted. Further investigations were being made into these statements. Cllr Kaczmarek was also actively pursuing information.

PC19/224: Date of next meeting:
Council & Planning meeting: Tuesday 17 December 2019

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.02pm.



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