Lanner Parish Council Minutes 17 December 2019

Lanner Parish Council Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 17 December 2019 in the Village Hall, commencing 7.00 pm.

Present: Cllr. Wood (Chair), Cllr Luscombe, Cllr Marshall, Cllr Repper and Cllr Wearne.
In attendance: Mr C Green (to item PC19/232); Mrs E Youlton, Clerk and Mrs T Marshall, Asst.Clerk.

PC19/225: Apologies for absence:
Cllrs Anson (work commitment), Bilham (work commitment), Bosworth (other commitment) Watson (family commitment)

PC19/226: Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

PC19/227: To consider written requests for dispensation:

PC19/228: To receive report from Cornwall Councillor John Thomas:
Cllr Thomas was not present, and no report was received.

PC19/229: Administration:

  • To accept minutes of the Council meeting held on 28 November 2019
    Minutes of the meeting were accepted and duly signed by the Chairman.
  • To receive report from Clerk(s) for December 2019.
    Report was received indicating a range of issues addressed by Clerks during December.
  • To receive update regarding implementation of Council email addresses to meet the requirements of GDPR.
    It was noted that some technical difficulties were being experienced and Cllrs were offered technical support, via the services of Emily Youlton, to set up the new addresses. Cllrs were asked to inform the Clerk if help needed.

PC19/230: Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:

Staff costsMembers only
Mr D HallVillage maint£457.17
Mrs D Moon Toilets£62.00
Mr M Heathermaintenance£881.25
Mr. P Mahoney Website maintenance £200.00
Adobe subscription£15.17
Microsoft Office subscription£7.99
HP Instant Ink £11.99
SLCC Membership E Youlton£180.00
Cllr T Wearne reimbursements£5.00
Cllr C Bosworth plants/bulbs£40.00
M. CaddyCemetery works£2685.00
L Good Cemetery works£760.00
Luscombe Construction cemetery project £611.40
James Contracting Cemetery project£1012.20
Kehelland TrustChristmas tree£100.00
Cornwall Council rates£68.00
Information Commissionregistration£35.00
Public Works Loan repayment£2255.00

Financial statements & payments for the month of December were presented to Council, approved and are appended to these Minutes. Full Accounts also appear on the website.

PC19/231: Planning: to consider the following applications:
Application PA19/09330
Proposal Construction of a detached self-build infill dwelling within the existing settlement and alterations to existing vehicle access.
Location Next Door Pennance Road Lanner Cornwall
Applicant Mr & Mrs C Jewell
Resolved: Council supports this application.

Application PA19/10775
Proposal Construction of a 2nd storey extension to the North – East Elevation and construction of a new single storey entrance with associated internal remodelling.
Location Carnmarth Farm North Carnmarth Redruth TR16 5HG
Applicant Ms Davis
Resolved: Council supports this application.

To note the following applications:
Application PA19/09593
Proposal Submission of details, discharge of condition number 3 and 8 of PA18/01591 (Construction of new dwelling.)
Location Land Adjacent To 10 Coppice Gardens Lanner Redruth TR16 6BY
Applicant Mrs Kingston-Stevens

Application PA19/08878
Proposal Certificate of lawfulness for proposed construction of new dwelling approved under PA15/08429
Location Land Rear Of Hunting Gate House Trevarth Hill Lanner Moor Cornwall TR16 6JB
Applicant Mr. Stuart Anstey

These applications were noted.

Decision Notices
Closed – advice given
PA19/02511/ PREAPP
Applicant: Mr Martin
Location: Land To The North Of Rosebank Lanner Moor Redruth TR16 6JF

Applicant: Mr Adam Selley
Location: Trevarno South Downs Redruth Cornwall TR15 2NW
Proposal: Pre-application advice for demolition of a workshop/garage and the erection of a self-contained bungalow.

Applicant: Mr Tim Uren
Location: Land West Of Hideaway Higher Pennance Lanner Cornwall TR16 5TU
Proposal: Erection of a 2-storey dwelling with attic accommodation with studio/garage. New vehicular access & septic tank.

Application: PA19/08768
Proposal: Proposed demolition of existing outbuilding and construction of a new dwelling in the garden of Greenfields
Location: Greenfield, The Close, Lanner
Applicant: Mr M Nisbet

  • Enforcement Matters
    In line with Cornwall Council protocol these matters were discussed in confidential session.

PC19/232: Community Governance Review: Cllr Wood

  • To receive report on meeting of Cornwall Council to determine recommendations for boundary review.
    Cllr Wood advised that although no formal minutes were available yet Cornwall Cllrs Thomas and Kaczmarek advised that a vote to support ‘no change’ to the Lanner Parish Boundary had been successful. The webcast of the meeting would be viewed and further investigation into the mechanics of stage 3 of the process would be made. It appeared likely that the proposals made by Redruth Town Council, which would see alteration to the boundary, would be included as an option for consultation with residents.

PC19/233: Lanner Village Hall Trustees – Cllr Wood

  • To receive update on process/requirements to affect transfer of hall to Parish Council.
    Following the recommendation of the Charity Commission this matter had now been referred by the Trustees to solicitors for further advice. This should be available early in the new year and Council may then need to appoint its own solicitor to affect the transfer.

PC19/234: Highways and Transport – Cllrs Wearne and Wood

  • Update on positioning of mobile speed activated signs.
    The sign was now positioned at South Downs and effectiveness in reduction of speed would be monitored.

PC19/235: MVRG/CPIR: – Cllrs Anson, Luscombe and Wood:

  • To note the date of next CPIR meeting – 22 January 2020– Cllr Anson
  • To note the date of next MVRG meeting – 23 January 2020 – Cllr Wood
    The dates of these meetings were noted. Since the MVRG meeting would take place on the same day as the January Council meeting apologies had been extended from the Clerk.

PC19/236: Parish Plan: Cllr Wood: Parish Plan: Cllr Wood

  • To receive draft Parish Plan – previously circulated
    Cllr Wood had written and previously circulated a draft plan.
  • To receive comments on draft Parish Plan
    Cllr Wood was thanked for his considerable work in compiling the draft Parish Plan which reflected the comments of those attending the consultation day and other inputs. The proposed Plan was supported, and any further comments should be sent to Cllr Wood by the January meeting. It was resolved to invite Emily Youlton, for a nominal fee, to improve the visual impact of the Plan and make it a more attractive document for the reader.

PC19/237: Police Liaison:

  • To receive report of police actions to address crime in Lanner and surrounding areas.
    Regular contact was maintained with the Neighbourhood Police team and there were no matters of significant concern at present.

PC19/238: Website – Cllr Wood:

  • To receive statistics relating to usage – previously circulated
    Statistics had been circulated and were noted.

PC19/239: United Downs Deep Geothermal Project: – Cllr Bosworth

  • To receive update on progress of the project.
    With drilling all completed and the rig removed development of the next stage of the project continued. Invitation was open at any time to Councillors to undertake a visit and receive further update of progress.
  • To consider further application for grant funding to support ‘Environment Week’ in 2020.
    Council was advised that all funding previously available had been allocated. Investigations into other sources of funding available to support ‘Environment Week’ indicated that applications would need to be submitted by a community group and could not be submitted by Council.

PC19/240: Christmas Lights: Cllrs Bilham & Marshall

  • To receive report on Lantern Parade and Switch On event.
    Cllrs Bilham and Marshall reported that the event had been the most successful staged to date. Attendance had been recorded as approximately 450 persons who all enjoyed the celebrations. The efforts of the pupils of Lanner School in making willow lanterns greatly enhanced the parade. Musical entertainment from both the Hayle Samba and Lanner Academy bands was enjoyed by all and hot food and drink offerings from Lanner Band and Cornish Barista supported by the Scouts relished. Father Christmas heard the wishes of countless children who all appreciated special gifts.
    Sincere thanks were extended to all those who participated, all the Cllrs and volunteers who staged lights, marshalled and served donated sweet fayre and generous sponsors. There was much to build on for future years and a meeting was planned for February to allow plenty of time for preparations.
  • To confirm arrangements for taking down/storage of decorations and disposal of tree – 4 January 2020.
    All the lights and the tree would be taken down on Saturday 4 January 2020 and Cllr Luscombe kindly agreed to store all the lights at his barn.

PC19/241: Environment: Cllrs Luscombe, Repper, Wearne and Wood

  • Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers
    All paths were in reasonable order, but heavy rainfall had meant that many paths were muddy underfoot and in places more severe erosion had occurred. In order to support a collective bid to the Community Infrastructure Levy fund surveys of the condition of trails would be needed. Volunteers would be invited to complete the surveys which then all be collated by Cllr Wood for inclusion. The bid would be to address repairs to surfaces, replacement way-marker signs and hazard warnings such as ‘road ahead’.
  • To receive update of works and continued damage through water run off to Mineral Trail 216/3 at Carn Marth
    Cllr Bosworth had previously advised that damage to the surface of trail 216/3 continued as a result of substantial water runoff and discussions with landowners and Officers of Cornwall Council continued. Cllr Mark Kaczmarek was pressing hard for remedial action and correction of the diversion of water. Council would continue to monitor the situation.
  • “We’re Watching You” trial campaign
    Council has been invited to work in partnership with Cornwall Council as part of the “We’re Watching You” campaign which aimed to reduce levels of uncollected dog fouling. This would involve the identification of an area where dog fouling was prolific, monitoring of levels of fouling, cleansing of the area and the erection of three signs with ‘fluorescent’ eyes, supplied by Cornwall Council. Further monitoring would then be required to evaluate the impact of the signs to reduce fouling. This campaign had proved successful in other areas of the country.
    Subject to confirmation that the signs would be retained by Council to be used in other areas, it was resolved to participate in the trial. Suggested sites included Lanner Hill, Tresavean Tramway and Bell Lane with the footpath leading to Lanner School.
  • To receive hard copies of Incident Report Cards.
    These were distributed with further copies being available from the parish office.
  • To receive report on meeting of Mining Trails Forum 04 December.
    Cllr Wood had been unable to attend this meeting due to illness but notes of the meeting had been previously circulated. Cllr Wood expanded on the efforts of the group and the aims of applications for funding to improve surfaces and signs. This detail was noted by Council.
  • To receive report on progress with the reinstatement of a barrier along a section where the Tresavean Trail meets the Great Flat Lode, with the support and consent of Cornwall Council.
    Cllr Luscombe advised that the gate had now been installed and if kept shut should offer a deterrent to those seeking vehicular access. The trail, which formed part of the Great Flat Lode, was popular for use by walkers, horse riders and cyclists, but the surface was badly eroded in part with several large potholes. It was resolved to seek supply of materials to fill the potholes from Cornwall Council and Cllr Luscombe kindly agreed to pack down to complete repairs.
  • To confirm monitoring of news of Falmouth Docks “Fit for Nuclear” status.
    Cllr Wood reported that advice had been received indicating that Falmouth Docks were simply fabricating gantries to be used at Hinkley Point which resulted in the “Fit for Nuclear” status being required. The situation will be monitored.

PC19/242: Community: Cllrs Anson, Bosworth, Luscombe, Marshall, Wearne & Wood

  • To confirm repairs to interpretation/diorama board, at Carn Marth, following vandalism.
    Cllr Wearne confirmed that all repairs had been completed.
  • To receive report on ‘thank you’ event for volunteers Tuesday 10 December.
    The event had been fairly well attended by volunteers who had generously supported the work of Council during the year and seasonal cheer had been shared.

PC19/243: Parish Assets:

Toilets and Playing Fields: Cllr Wearne & Wood

  • Safety Inspections/to note repairs to defects
    All inspections had been completed by Cllr Wearne and minor defects rectified.
    Redruth Town Council had indicated a willingness for a member of their maintenance staff to undertake training that would enable minor repairs to be carried out to toilet door mechanism. Investigations to availability of training were being made and agreement could then be reached on cost share.
    Enquiry had been received from Cornwall Council regarding cleansing works being undertaken by Biffa Services at the area of Strawberry Fields. It had been confirmed that all works were carried out by the Parish Council and no services were carried out by Biffa.

Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard: Cllr Wood

  • To receive update on status of works.
    All works had been suspended until weather conditions improved. Work to achieve a digital record of existing burials and plot new grave spaces continued.
  • To receive update on ‘Service Level Agreement’, to support devolution of works and future management, from Cornwall Council following ‘closure’ of Churchyard
    No further information had been received from Cornwall Council and this would be pursued in the new year.
    Lanmoor Entrance splays:
  • To receive information from Cornwall Council regarding devolution with an interim license to occupy.
    Charlotte Caldwell, Cornwall Council, had recently advised that since the area of land in question appeared to have been designated as ‘highway’ by Cornwall Council it would not be possible to award a licence to occupy or devolve the land. It would be possible to extend the planting licence which would allow maintenance and improvement to the area by Council. Further information should be available in January, this latest news contradicting all their previous statements.

PC19/244: Date of next meeting:
Council Meeting – Thursday 23 January 2020
Planning Meeting – Thursday 9 January 2020

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.22pm.



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