Lanner Parish Council Meeting Monday 17 December 2018

Lanner Parish Council Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 17 December 2018 in the Village Hall, commencing 7.00 pm.

Present: Cllr. Wood (Chair), Cllr Blewett, Cllr Bosworth, Cllr Marshall (from PC18/210) Cllr Repper and Cllr Wearne.
In attendance: Mrs E Youlton, Clerk.

PC18/199: Apologies for absence:
Cllr Anson (work commitment); Cllr Luscombe (holiday).

PC18/200: Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

PC18/201: To consider written requests for dispensation.

PC18/202: To receive report from Cornwall Councillor John Thomas
Cllr Thomas was not present and no report had been submitted.
Council indicated disappointment at the lack of communication received from Cllr Thomas.
Based on comments expressed by Cllr. Thomas to several members outside of Meetings, Council noted that the lack of partnership working appeared to be caused by opinions held by Cllr Thomas relating to the Clerk, Mrs E Youlton. The Clerk advised Council that as employers there were measures that could be taken regarding performance if considered necessary. Similarly, Council was advised that it was possible to take action via Cornwall Council with regard to Cllr Thomas’s views and his expression of them.
Resolved: Council expressed its full confidence in the Clerk and her performance.
Any decision regarding the working relationship with Cllr Thomas were deferred for discussion and resolution at the Council meeting of January 2019.

PC18/203: Administration:

  • To accept minutes of the meeting held on 29 November 2018
    Resolved: Minutes of the meeting were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.
  • Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda.
  • Newsletter
    Positive feedback had been received from residents following distribution of the Newsletter and Council extended thanks to all those who had responded with suggestions and comment.
    Consideration would be given to the inclusion of advertising from businesses, clubs/organisations and nominal fees that may be applied. This would be developed and presented to Council at a later date.
  • To note office opening hours over Christmas/New Year and emergency contact.
    Council noted that the office would close on Friday 21st December and re open on Wednesday 2nd January 2019. Posters detailing this information and offering the home telephone number of the Clerk for emergency contact would be displayed in notice boards and on the website.
  • Banking: Progress with HSBC and Debit card.
    The Clerk would attend a further appointment on Wednesday 19 December when all arrangements for internet banking and supply of a debit card would be confirmed.
  • Redruth School: response from George Eustice
    Information from George Eustice, regarding lack of cloakroom facilities at Redruth school had been received. It was noted that funding to support facilities for cloakrooms and drying areas for use in inclement weather were not available. It was concluded that no further action on this matter could be taken by Council.
    Council continues to question the degree to which CC had indicated numbers requiring bus transport to school had increased and were likely to increase further. Further enquiry into actual figures and methods of calculation would be made.

PC18/204: Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:

Mr D HallVillage maint£445.42
Mrs D Moon Toilets£62.00
Mr M HeatherMaint. Progs.£821.25
Mr. P Mahoney - StreamlineWebsite maintenance & maps£200.00
Mrs E Youltonreimbursements£20.99
ALCC subscription£40.00
SWW toilets£34.22
Staff costs£1535.66
Vikingoffice supplies£36.51

Financial statements & payments for the month of December were presented to Council, approved and are appended to these Minutes. Full Accounts also appear on the website.

PC18/205: Highways and Transport: Cllrs Wood, Wearne and Marshall

  • To receive update on application for funding via CNA by Cllr Thomas for scheme to relieve congestion and on street parking at areas adjacent to Lanner School
    Information had been received from Cornwall Council that the application to the CNA budget to support traffic control and parking arrangements at Lanner School had not been submitted by Cllr Thomas. The cut -off date for funding in 2019/20 had now passed which meant that consideration would need to be within the 2020/21 budget. Council were very disappointed that measures to improve the safety of pedestrians in these areas would not have opportunity to secure funding in the near future.
  • To receive update on proposed site meeting to discuss Lanner to Comford speeds
    Indication had been received from the police and Adrian Drake, Cormac, that such a meeting would not take place until all the reports, including that of the Coroner, had been received. No indication of timescale was available.
  • To receive comments from Mr T Wood, resident, regarding reduction of speed of traffic on the A393.
    Mr Tony Wood had submitted comments and suggestions regarding measures to slow the speed of traffic along the A393. Cllr Wood had replied in detail. Council were committed to support appropriate measures to achieve such speed reduction and efforts would continue via CC.
  • To receive comment from Mr. B Park regarding parking on pavement at Tresavean Terrace.
    Mr Park had expressed his grave concern regarding the parking of vehicles on the pavement adjacent to Tresavean Terrace. Council shared such concerns, particularly since these frequently placed pedestrians on to the highway. This problem would be highlighted to Ward Member, Cllr Thomas and the local Neighbourhood Beat Police team, for patrol and appropriate enforcement action.

PC18/206: MVRG/CPIR: – Cllrs Wood & Anson

  • To receive report following MVRG meeting of Thursday 13th December 2018
    Cllr Wood had previously circulated notes of this meeting and these were noted. Offering further information on the Rural Status Report, Cllr Wood advised that he was currently drafting a report for future consideration by parishes and MVRG.
  • To receive report on CPIR 13 November 2018 and consider possible response.
    Cllr Anson had attended this meeting. A more detailed report of this event would be offered in due course. Council agreed that questions to be addressed would be sent to Cllr Anson prior to the next meeting.
  • To note date of next meeting: 22 January 2019.

PC18/207: Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Wood

  • To report progress with publication of final NDP
    Cllr Wood advised that the final version was with CC and was progressing through the final stages of ‘approval’ before publication and the subsequent referendum on 21 February 2019. To note date of referendum – Thursday 21 February 2019.

PC18/208: Planning:
There were no matters of an urgent nature.
Discussion took place regarding the length of time that it took for investigation of potential breach of planning regulations. It was agreed that a full list of all outstanding matters and relating timescales would be prepared and considered at the next Planning Committee meeting.

PC18/209: Website

  • To receive statistics relating to usage
    This information had been previously circulated and was noted. These figures indicated a decrease in suspected hacking attempts.

PC18/210: United Downs Deep Geothermal Project: – Cllrs Blewett & Bosworth

  • To receive update on progress of drilling rig, operations and noise levels.
    Cllr Bosworth reported his attendance at the recent meeting and shared information regarding the project, noise levels, work with local schools and opportunity for public visits.
  • To receive information relating to applications to the United Downs Geothermal Community Fund
    Cllr Bosworth advised that applications had been received and considered from a variety of applicants in the area. A proportion of the amount available had been awarded and applications for funding should be submitted as soon as possible. Council agreed to consider suitable projects for funding at a future meeting.
    Cllr Marshall joined the meeting.

PC18/210: Emergency Plan – Cllr Marshall

  • To note comments from residents regarding grit/salt bins
    Cllr Marshall reported that although positive comment had been received from residents appreciative of the additional provision, some residents considered that more bins should be provided in their areas.
    Council determined that the budget allocation had been fully used to support this provision and no further bins could be purchased at this time. The distribution of bins had been carefully considered to ensure availability of grit for the maximum number of residents in vulnerable areas of the village.

PC18/211: Christmas celebrations – Cllr Marshall

  • To receive report on event.
    Cllr Marshall reported on the success of the event which had seen high levels of attendance, participation and delight. Thanks, were extended to sponsors, individuals and organisations involved for all their hard work and considerable efforts to make it so successful.

PC18/212: Environmental: Environmental: Cllrs Wood, Repper & Wearne

  • Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers:
    No adverse reports had been received from volunteer walkers. However, concern and complaint had been received from residents regarding erosion and considerable water run- off from Carn Marth which was causing damage to path surfaces and leading to debris being strewn on the highway at Lanner Hill and Pennance Road. These matters were regularly reported for action to CC but there was a reluctance to address long term solutions. Much of the run-off was attributed to the diversion of water courses by owners of a property on Carn Marth and request was being made to cease this diversion by Carn Marth Trust.
  • To receive report on progress with proposals for Mineral Tramways Partnership
    Cllr Wood indicated that a positive start had been made to reform this group with several parishes very keen to participate. All parishes had been invited to carry out an audit of the path network, with focus on multi use trails only at this stage. Cllr Wood had offered to collate the information gathered which would then inform potential focus and actions to support improvements. Volunteer path walkers would be invited to undertake the survey and the Lanner Scouts had pledged their assistance.
  • Environmental crime – reports of fly tipping, off-road motor bikes, anti-social cyclists and dog poo.
    It was reported that observations of quad bike riders using the tramway had been made, particularly on Sundays. This would be monitored, and consideration given to more effective placement of boulders if required.
  • To receive report on progress with installation of mobile CCTV
    The units had been installed and, until an incident of fly tipping at Wheal Buller in recent days, had seemed effective in reducing levels of dumping, littering and anti-social behaviour.
  • To note meeting re: The 4 Point Plan – 24 January 10am at Frogpool
    The date of this meeting was noted. Cllr Wood had completed a considerable review of the document – The 4 Point Plan and this had been feedback to the group. Further discussions to improve the document would take place and Cllr Wood would endeavour to attend this meeting.

PC18/213: Parish Assets:
Toilets and Playing Fields: Cllr Wearne

  • Safety Inspections/signage
    Cllr Wearne reported all inspections had been completed. Repairs were required to the wet pour in the toddler’s area at Lanner Moor Playing Field and to a small area of the surface matting at Strawberry Fields. Investigation was being made into the cost-effective supply of the required materials.
  • To consider specification for refurbishment of toilets
    It was agreed that further consideration would be made into actual requirements for the refurbishment of the toilet facilities and new quotations obtained.
  • To consider application to United Downs Geothermal Community Fund
    Cllr Bosworth advised that application for funding could be made to the United Downs Geothermal Fund for financial support for suitable projects. It was agreed that consideration of suitable projects and likely funding required would be made.

Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard: Cllr Wood

  • To receive update on the proposed works.
    Cllr Wood advised that works to create a new entrance were still on schedule to commence in February 2019. Mike Caddy, appointed Contractor, was currently finalising calculations and arrangements for the removal of surplus materials.
  • To receive report regarding slippery pathways
    Due to inclement weather conditions the pathways through the Churchyard remained slippery – caution notices had been placed at the gate and volunteers had placed bark chippings on the path to assist grip. Further attention to this matter would be required as matters progressed with transfer of responsibilities.
    Council was then advised that cattle had strayed from neighbouring farmland into the Churchyard and caused significant damage to the area. Several headstones and one vault required repairs but most displaced items had been replaced although flowers had largely been destroyed. Within the Lawn Cemetery several graves had been trampled and remedial works were necessary. Resolved: quotations for all works would be obtained and submitted to Mr Osbourne, farmer, who had advised he held appropriate insurance to cover these damages. He had been requested to secure livestock more effectively.
    The Clerk expressed sincere thanks to Cllr Wearne and Alec Youlton who had readily assisted in securing the cattle and locating the farmer. This was endorsed by Council.

Lanmoor Entrance splays:

  • To consider request from Lanner School for erection of an advertising banner
    In order to inform parents of places available in the Early Years unit at Lanner School.
    Resolved: Council granted permission for the erection of a banner for a period not to exceed 6 weeks and to be sited in a position so as not to impede visibility.

Church Green:

  • To note comments from horse riders regarding prohibition of horses from this amenity land.
    The erection of signage at Church Green included notification that horses were prohibited in the area. Comment had been received from two horse riders indicating that they sometimes used this area for picnicking and objected to this prohibition. Council considered that this restriction was a standard request for all ‘green’ areas managed by Council since it would assist in the protection of such areas. Resolved: the comments were noted. The regulations were reliant on ‘self -policing’ and it was hoped all such regulations would be respected.


  • Tresavean Mine – to note information from Cornwall Council and Cllr Hannaford.
    No further information had been received.
    Cllr Blewett advised of an opportunity to arrange a species survey – Bioblitz – via Exeter University. It was considered that this was an activity that was currently more suitable at Carn Marth and liaison would be made with Carn Marth Trust to pursue this further.

PC18/214: Correspondence:

  • Great British Spring Clean – this event would be held nationally in March and April to target the clean up of single use plastic. Resolved: registration to participate would be completed and volunteers invited to participate.

PC18/215: Date of next meeting:
Council meeting: Thursday 31 January 2019
Planning meeting: Tuesday 15 January 2019

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.


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