Lanner Parish Council Meeting 30 August 2018

Lanner Parish Council – A meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday 30 August 2018 in Lanner Village Hall. The meeting will commence at 6.30 pm. Public Participation will be held at 7pm and the meeting will resume at 7.15pm. Members of the Council are summonsed to attend the meeting, to which press & public are invited. Business transacted will be according to the agenda below. By order of the Clerk, Mrs. E Youlton, 23 August 2018.


1. To receive apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

3. To consider written requests for dispensation.

4. To discuss and formulate Council’s response to the Cornwall Council consultation on Distribution of Community Infrastructure Levy.

Public Participation

5. To receive report from Cornwall Councilor John Thomas

6. Administration:

  • To accept minutes of the Council meeting held on 26 July 2018 and Extraordinary Meeting held on Thursday 16 August 2018
  • Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda
  • Update on alternative proposals put forward for new Cornwall Council Division boundaries.
  • Update on new email addresses for Councillors and introduction of email policy.
  • To consider and approve new and revised Council policies and procedures:
  • Financial Regulations
  • Members Allowance
  • Community Grants
  • To consider the rationale for the production of a Newsletter and associated timescales
  • To note the dates of staff holidays.
  • Short recess for comfort break.

7. Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:

  • Clerk’s Salaries and reimbursements
  • Mrs. Moon – keyholder fees
  • Mr. Hall – village maintenance & cleaning
  • Mr. Heather – maintenance programs
  • P Mahoney – Website updates
  • Warnes plants – watering of baskets
  • PKK Littlejohn – Annual Audit
  • Jon Goddard – Outdoor Gym
  • SLCC – membership renewal Assistant Clerk Teresa Marshall
    • and other approved accounts received after the preparation of this agenda
    • to note conclusion of Annual Audit by PKK Littlejohn and to note receipt of report and supporting comments.

8. Highways and Transport

  • To confirm action taken following a joint meeting to consider solutions to the problems of speed of traffic, congestion and on street parking at Bell Lane and Lanmoor Estate with Cornwall Council, Ward Member and Lanner School – Cllrs Wood & Wearne
  • To receive update on mapping of car parking on A393.
  • To receive an update on changes to the bus service provision to support pupils travelling from/to Lanner and Redruth School and provision of school lockers for outdoor wear.
  • Speedwatch: To receive update on progress.
  • To confirm meeting with Adrian Drake. 3rd October at 12:00. To consider agenda and attendance of Councillors.
  • To note response received on the number of accidents occurring in the area of Trevarth area.
  • To receive report on overhanging branches at cemetery
  • To receive report on overhanging bushes at Lanner Hill

9. MVRG:

  • To note date of next meeting – 20 September, 2018.
  • To note guest speakers – Cllr Edwina Hannaford, CC, Portfolio Holder Neighbourhoods and Simon Mould, CC, Head of Emergency Planning.
  • To consider items for the attention of speakers
  • To confirm Members attending
  • To receive update on Trails Website.

10. To receive update on project to offer activities to support the development life skills for under 18-year-olds – Cllrs Wood and Marshall.

11. To confirm arrangements for Annual Parish Assembly to be held on Wednesday 19 September 2018 – Cllr Wood.

12. To receive update on responses to the survey on the proposed merger of Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police – Cllr Wood.

13. Parish Plan Review and Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Wood

  • To note end of Consultation period is 6 September and to confirm process that will follow.

14. Planning:

  • To consider the following applications:
    Application PA18/07063
    Proposal New conservatory
    Location 3 Phillips Terrace, The Square, Lanner
    Applicant Mr. And Mrs. Bough
  • Application PA18/07268
    Proposal Proposed two storey rear extension
    Location 7 Tresavean Terrace, Lanner Moor, Lanner
    Applicant Miss Tanya Bray
  • To ratify comments and decisions on the following matters:
    PA18/06166 The construction of a single dwelling house on previously developed land to round off the settlement. Land North of Bawdenfield Trevarth Hill Lanner
    Protocol: ‘Agree to disagree’
    PA18/01591 Construction of new dwelling. Land Adj To Number 10 Coppice Gardens Lanner Moor Lanner.
    Protocol: Agree to Disagree
  • Appeals:
    APP/D0840/W/18/3198041 Land Adj to 93 Lanner Hill Lanner
    APP/D0840/W/18/3205923 Glenmoor Farm Lanner Moor

Additional Comments submitted as previously circulated

  • To confirm submission of information to Cornwall Council Enforcement concerning possible breach of planning regulations at Tresavean Farm
  • To note closure of case EN16/022 Alleged change of use of the land from domestic to commercial use (Class B8) and boundaries to property are being exceeded onto land in the ownership of Cornwall Council. – Cresta Chapel Hill Lanner Redruth Cornwall TR16 6BU
  • To report on Cornwall Council response to enquiries regarding the issuance of Cornwall Guidance Notes to developers.
  • To confirm submission of comments on Cornwall Council’s Planning Validation review.
  • To note response made to preliminary consultation on AONBs in Cornwall.
  • To note invitation to Cornwall Council Planning Conference and consider attendees.
  • To consider any further planning matters of an urgent nature.

15. Website

  • To receive statistics relating to usage
  • To consider further articles for inclusion
  • To request submission of profile for Councillors

16. United Downs Deep Geothermal Project: – Cllr Blewett

  • To receive update on drilling rig and commencement of operations

17. Environmental:

  • Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers
  • To receive report on specific paths identified for addition to the definitive map and progress with obtaining witness statements to support applications to record undesignated paths onto the definitive map. – Cllr Repper.
  • To note pressing of Cornwall Council for funding to bring Trails surface standard up to scratch.
  • To note the shelving by Cornwall Council of the Composite Management Agreement.
  • Environmental crime – reports of fly tipping, off road motor bikes, anti-social cyclists and dog poo.
  • To receive report on progress with installation of mobile CCTV
  • Situation with regard to Roundup.

18. Parish Assets:
Toilets and Playing Fields:

  • Safety Inspections/signage
  • To receive update on progress with installations and testing of electricity sockets at toilets
  • To note erection of Notice board in Strawberry Fields Recreation Field.
  • To receive report on fires at SF

Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard:

  • To confirm date of completion of topographical survey to support improvement works
  • To discuss options for construction of pathway/turning head and parking area.
  • To note proposed meeting with Father Peter Fellows to discuss the long-term management of the Churchyard.
    Church Green:
  • To consider purchase of information sign.


  • Land at Henscol /Tresavean – response from Cornwall Council

19. Correspondence:

  • NALC Newsletter and Cornwall Devolution

20. Items for the next agenda.

21. Date of next meeting: Thursday 27 September 2018

  • Planning Meeting: Tuesday 11 September 2018
  • Parish Meeting: Wednesday 19 September 2018

22. Confidential matters:
In accordance with SO 78 the press and public will be excluded from this item.

  • Tresavean Trail.

Clerk: Elaine Youlton 01209 200551,


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