Lanner Parish Council Meeting 28 June 2018

Lanner Parish Council. A meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday 28 June 2018 in Lanner Village Hall. Public Participation will be held at 7pm followed by the meeting at 7.15pm. Members of the Council are summonsed to attend the meeting, to which press & public are invited. Business transacted will be according to the agenda below. By order of the Clerk, Mrs. E Youlton, 21 June 2018, 7pm Public Participation.


1. To receive apologies for absence.

2. To receive report from Cornwall Councillor; Cllr John Thomas.

3. Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

4. To consider written requests for dispensation.

5. Administration:

  • To accept minutes of the Annual meeting held on 31 May 2018
  • Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda
  • To consider and approve new and revised Council policies and procedures

6. Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:

  • Clerk’s Salaries and reimbursements
  • Mrs. Moon – keyholder fees
  • Mr. Hall – village maintenance & cleaning
  • Mr. Heather – maintenance programs
  • P Mahoney – Website updates
  • SWW – water rates – toilets
  • In Safe Hands – first aid training
  • Lanner Village Hall – hire charges
  • Warnes plants – supply of hanging baskets
  • Viking – office supplies
  • and other approved accounts received after the preparation of this agenda

7. To receive invitation to a joint meeting to consider solutions to the problems of speed of traffic, congestion and on street parking at Bell Lane and Lanmoor Estate with Cornwall Council, Ward Member and Lanner School – Cllr Wood

8. To receive update on progress of project to offer activities to support the development life skills for under 18 year old – Cllr Wood.

9. To receive report on progress with First Aid Training as part of the Emergency Plan – Cllr Marshall

10. Parish Plan Review and Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Wood

  • To report on difficulties in transfer of large electronic files.

11. Planning:

  • To consider any planning matters of an urgent nature.

12. Environmental:

  • Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers
  • To receive report on ‘drop in event’ to collect witness statements to support applications to record undesignated paths onto the definitive map. – Cllr Repper.
  • Environmental crime – reports of fly tipping, off road motor bikes and dog poo.
  • To receive report on progress with installation of mobile CCTV

13. Parish Assets:
Toilets and Playing Fields:

  • Safety Inspections/signage
  • To note installation of picnic benches
  • To receive update on progress with remedial works – Cllr Wearne

Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard

  • To consider quotations for works to the improvement of access and extended area of cemetery– Cllr Wood.

Bus Shelters:

  • To note the transfer of all bus shelters to Cornwall Council and the provision of new shelters at Lanner Moor and Lanner Hill
  • To note complaint from owner of Gemini Dance Studio

Notice Boards:

  • To receive quotation for replacement panels in Notice Boards


  • Land at Henscol /Tresavean – response from Cornwall Council

14. Correspondence:

  • CALC – guide policies for GDPR.

15. Items for the next agenda.

16. Date of next meeting: Thursday 26 July 2018
Planning Meeting: Tuesday 10 July 2018

17. Confidential matters: In accordance with SO 78 the press and public will be excluded from this item.

Clerk: Elaine Youlton 01209 200551,



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