Lanner Parish Council Meeting 27 September 2018

Lanner Parish Council Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 27 September 2018 in the Village Hall, commencing 6.30pm.

Present: Cllr. Wood (Chair), Cllr Blewett, Cllr Bosworth, Cllr Luscombe, Cllr Marshall to PC18/ 155, Cllr Rabey, Cllr Repper and Cllr Wearne.
In attendance: Mrs E Youlton, Clerk.

PC18/140: Apologies for absence:
Cllr Anson (holiday)

PC18/141: Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

PC18/142: To consider written requests for dispensation.
Council were advised of a submission from Cllr Bosworth in relation to item … on the Agenda. This matter related to the consideration of an application to designate areas currently owned/leased by Carn Marth Trust as Common Land. Cllr Bosworth is Chairman of CMT. Council Register of Interest denoted this.
In order to allow Council to be fully informed of the facts of this matter it was considered appropriate that dispensation be granted to permit Cllr Bosworth full participation and voting rights.
Resolved: Council supported this decision.
The required administration had been completed and a submission of this would be forwarded to Cornwall Council.

PC18/143: To receive report from Cornwall Councillor John Thomas
In the absence of Cllr Thomas, a brief report was received. See PC18/146 – Speedwatch

PC18/144: Administration:

  • To accept minutes of the meeting held on 30 August 2018
    Resolved: Minutes of the meeting were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.
  • Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda. None.To review and report on Annual Parish Assembly held on Wednesday 19 September 2018 – Cllr Wood.
    Cllr Wood indicated his pleasure that all Cllrs were present and thanked them for their input. He reported that all organisations in Lanner had been invited and the event had been advertised to the public. The meeting had been well attended by local residents and some organisations. Displays by Council offered points of interest and encouraged lively discussion. Cllr Wood had given a report detailing some of the work of Council over the last year and focused on key matters and projects for the coming months. The Methodist Church had provided an informative display about their work in the community and Mr Paul Langford offered a well-prepared report. An interesting report was also provided by Mrs Ann Shannon for Neighbourhood Watch and she also gave information on the Community Speed Watch initiative.
    How to achieve a reduction in the speed of traffic throughout the parish was extensively debated and Council advised on the efforts being made to achieve this. Residents would be kept up to date on all matters of the Council via the website, Newsletter and Notice Boards.
  • To report on presentation of Community Awards – Cllrs Anson and Luscombe
    This was the first year of presentation of Community Awards and the judges had considerable difficulty in the selection process due to the deserving quality of nominations. Cllrs Luscombe and Anson were congratulated on the success of the initiative and on the excellent introductions given as the awards were presented. The awards were as follows:
    The Young Person of the Year – Harvey Watson.
    The Outstanding Neighbour – Sylvia Pooley.
    Outstanding Contribution to a Community Project – Ashley Jones, Lanner Scouts
    Outstanding Contribution to a Community Project – Alan Smith, Lanner Football Club
    The Parish Council Award for outstanding contribution to the community – Elaine Lambourne, LLCA.
    The Parish Council Award for outstanding contribution to the community – Kevin Rogers.
  • Report on proposed purchase of new laptop computer and screen (subject to Village Hall Committee’s approval).
    This matter would be considered by the Trustees of the hall at the next meeting which was scheduled for the end of October. Investigation was being made into the most appropriate equipment and likely costs.
  • To consider whether Tuesday evenings are the most appropriate time for planning committee meetings.
    With a variety of commitments, it was likely that some Councillors would be unable to attend on some evenings of the week. Resolved: to retain the current arrangement of Tuesday and Thursdays for meeting nights.
  • To consider adopting policies on Community Grants and on Electronic Communications.
    Draft policy and application form for community Grants had been circulated to Councillors for consideration. Resolved: this was accepted and adopted by Council.
    An electronic communications policy would be considered in due course.

PC18/145: Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:

Mr D HallVillage maint£445.42
Mrs D Moon Toilets£60.00
Mr M HeatherMaint. Progs.£1296.40
Mr. P Mahoney - StreamlineWebsite/ NDP£355.99
Mrs E Youltonreimbursements£270.09
Mr A Strick footpath maint. £72.00
SWW toilets£37.15
Warne’s Plantswatering hanging baskets£175.20
3D Land surveys cemetery £408.00
Lanner Village hallhire charges£125.00
RECrepairs playing field£120.00
Mr T Wearnereimbursement £490.37
Staff costs£1535.66
Contract signssignage£173.95
K Isaakswheelie bin stickers£89.00

Financial statements & payments for the month of September were presented to Council, approved and are appended to these Minutes. Full Accounts also appear on the website.

  • To note conclusion of publication of closure of Annual Audit by PKK Littlejohn. It was confirmed that the Annual Audit had been completed and publication of the legal notification, report and all associated documents had been arranged.
  • Update on bank account and internet payment facility. All signatures to enable change to the bank mandate had now been obtained and would be submitted to HSBC. Once this change had been completed the account could then be set up to facilitate an online banking service. The accounts would continue to be monitored by Cllr Wearne.

PC18/146: Highways and Transport: Cllrs Wood, Wearne and Marshall

  • To receive update on actions taken regarding solutions to the problems of speed of traffic, congestion and on street parking at various locations including Bell Lane, Lanmoor Estate and adjacent to the A393. Cllr Wood advised that a meeting had taken place with the new Headteacher at Lanner school, Mr Kieran Walsh. Discussion included proposals to reduce difficulties with parking in the area which were restricting visibility and causing danger to parents and children gaining access to the school site. Mr Walsh had gratefully accepted the offer from Council to lead consultation on this matter with residents in the immediate vicinity. Proposals would be drafted and sent as part of a consultation process. Mr Walsh had advised that he had deployed staff patrols at the entrance points and in an attempt to reduce the number of children arriving by car was investigating the setting up of a ‘walking bus’.
    Cllr Marshall reported that mapping and video references of parking patterns in Lanner had been collated and submitted to Adrian Drake, Highways/Environment Officer and if funding could be secured via the CPIR budget a scheme could then be drawn up for public consultation.
  • To receive an update on use of the bus service for pupils travelling from/to Lanner and Redruth School and provision of school lockers for outdoor wear. Council noted that it appeared some pupils had settled to the new bus service provision but many had made alternative arrangements for travel to school (namely, car). Concern regarding the inadequacy of cloakroom provision still remained and this matter was now resting with George Eustice MP.
  • Speedwatch: To receive update on progress. Cornwall Cllr John Thomas, who was leading this project in Lanner, advised in his report that there would be further training on site with volunteers in the coming week. He then intended to arrange at least two Speedwatch sessions per month, at different times, that would allow collation of data and help educate drivers to remain within the speed limit.
  • Mobile Speed Activation signs. Cllr Wood advised that the neighbouring parishes of St Day and Chacewater had purchased mobile speed activation signs that would be positioned at sites, approved by the police, within these parishes. The success of this initiative would be closely monitored.
  • To note meeting with Adrian Drake. 3rd October at 12:00. This meeting was confirmed and would be attended by Cllrs Wood, Luscombe, Repper and Wearne. The agenda would be confirmed and would certainly include matters relating to speed reduction.
  • To note removal of overhanging branches at the Churchyard, Rough Street. All works had now been completed.

PC18/147: To report on meeting with Mr K Walsh, Headteacher Lanner School – Cllr Wood.
Cllr Wood advised that an interesting and informative meeting had been held with Mr Walsh. Matters discussed included difficulties caused by parent parking, the NDP, class sizes, use of outdoor recreational areas and Christmas festivities. Mr Walsh had received a warm welcome at Lanner and the meeting was a positive start.

PC18/148: MVRG: – Cllr Wood

  • To receive report on meeting held on 20 September, 2018, with guest speakers – Cllr Edwina Hannaford, CC, Portfolio Holder Neighbourhoods and Simon Mould, CC, Head of Emergency Planning. Notes from this meeting had been previously circulated. Topics included: dialogue with guest speakers; top issues facing rural communities and the need for ongoing discussions to formulate responses to Cornwall Council and an attempt to re-establish the Mineral Tramways Partnership which will would focus on the maintenance and improvement of local trails and pathways. Meetings to address all these issues would continue.

PC18/149: CPIR – Cllr Anson

  • To receive report on last meeting including any update on allocation of funds for highways and TRO improvements and Action List.
    In the absence of Cllr Anson no report was available at this meeting.

PC18/150: Parish Plan Review and Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Wood

  • To report on end of Consultation period of 6 September.
    It was noted that the consultation period had now ended.
  • To note comments submitted on representations made during final consultation period.
    Comments were noted.
  • To report on questions raised by the Examiner and note responses submitted.
    The Examiner had begun her considerations and several questions had been raised. At a meeting of the NDP Steering Group and Council responses had been agreed and these had now been submitted to the Examiner. Further questions may be received and would be addressed as appropriate.

PC18/151: Planning:

  • To consider request from North Cornwall Cluster to call for a conference from Cornwall Council re: Housing Growth in Cornwall
    Cllr Wood explained that a request had been received to call on Cornwall Council for a conference to address issues associated with housing growth in Cornwall. It was suggested by Cllr Wood that Parish/Town Councils should host such an event rather than it be staged by Cornwall Council. The event could be staged at a suitable venue, guest speakers could be invited, and forums could focus on issues and solutions. Council supported these suggestions, and this had been confirmed with the Cluster.
  • To consider any planning matters of an urgent nature.
    The following appeals were noted:
    Allowed – permission granted:
    Appeal Ref: APP/D0840/W/18/3203185
    Hideaway, Higher Pennance, Lanner TR16 5TU
    Costs not awarded
    Appeal Ref: APP/D0840/W/18/3198041
    93 Lanner Hill, Redruth, Cornwall TR16 5SZ

There were no applications for consideration currently before Council and it was resolved not to hold the Planning Committee meeting scheduled for October. A request to have a pre-application discussion had been received from Mr M Nisbett and this would be arranged for the next Council meeting.

PC18/152: Website

  • To receive statistics relating to usage. This information had been previously circulated and was noted.
  • To repeat request for submission of profile for Councillors. To assist Councillors with the creation of profiles that offered residents some further information about who was acting on their behalf it was agreed a ‘template’ would be circulated for completion.

PC18/153: United Downs Deep Geothermal Project: – Cllr Blewett

  • To receive update on drilling rig and commencement of operations. Cllr Blewett offered information relating to the arrival of the drilling rig which had be subject to several delays. It was anticipated that the rig would now arrive in early October and once set up was completed works would commence.
  • To consider invitation to appoint a Councillor as a representative on the Grant Selection Panel. Resolved: Cllr Chris Bosworth would serve as a member of this panel.

PC18/154: Emergency Plan – Cllr Marshall

  • To report on First Aid Training event on 24th September 2018. Cllr Marshall advised that although only five local residents had participated in the First Aid training a great deal had been gained by the training. All had reported that they were very impressed by the excellent standard of training offered by In Safe Hands and this had helped them all to achieve a 100 % pass in the examination. This now meant that their details were held as part of the Emergency Plan as residents that could be called on should an emergency arise.
    Cllr Marshall was delighted that this training had been successful and looked forward to working with the volunteers to develop other areas of the Emergency Plan.
    It was confirmed that a grant of £500 had now been received from Cornwall Council to support the purchase of equipment for use in emergencies. Various items were currently being considered and input from volunteers would be sought.
    Many requests had been received from residents for the supply of two further grit/salt bins; one at the entrance to Lanmoor Estate and one at Tresavean Hill. These supplies were for use to clear pavements during periods of ice/snow and were not provided for use on highways. It was resolved to proceed with the purchase.

PC18/155: Environmental:

  • Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers: loose post at permissive path at the Tramway. The only defect reported was a loose post at the permissive path leading to/from the Tresavean Trail at Rough Street. Cllr Luscombe agreed to inspect further and arrange rectification.
  • To confirm dates for drop in sessions to collect witness statements to support application for inclusion on the definitive map – Cllr Repper. Cllr Repper advised that due to personal commitments and that of Council these sessions would now happen in November. Advertising of dates was being arranged and work had already commenced in earnest with the completion of witness statements for the 10 paths selected for submission.
  • Environmental crime – reports of fly tipping, off road motor bikes, anti-social cyclists and dog poo.  Reports had been made to Cornwall Council as occurred and a fast response rate for clearance of fly tipping was noted. The reported incidents with the use of motor bikes on trails had reduced over the last month. Monitoring of all such offences would continue.
  • To receive report on progress with installation of mobile CCTV. The required signage had been delivered and installation of equipment would be arranged by Cllrs Luscombe and Wearne this would initially be done at Wheal Buller and Strawberry Fields, where the previous system had been vandalised.
  • To note second phase of weed treatment throughout Lanner. The second phase of weed killing would be completed in the ensuing two weeks and information had been placed on the Council website to advise residents.
  • To note reports of restricted visibility at the entrance to Lanmoor Estate. Several residents had raised serious concerns regarding restriction to visibility for motorists when exiting from Lanmoor Estate to join the A393. The growth of vegetation obscured the view of oncoming traffic and concern was expressed that an accident would occur. This area was also adjacent to a school crossing patrol point.
    A report had been made to Adrian Drake, Highways/Environment Officer, who had agreed to arrange cutting on this occasion. Council are progressing with arrangements to formally adopt this area and therefore all maintenance could be effectively managed in future.
  • To consider tender for tree survey for trees on Council assets. A tender received from Mr J Wilkins was accepted and work would be requested to be completed as soon as possible. This would offer Council greater information for effective protection and management of trees on land owned or managed.

Cllr Marshall left the meeting.

  • To note application to register 3 hectares as Common Land at Carn Marth. Cllr Bosworth explained that a request had been lodged to register 3 hectares of land as Common Land and this application would be vehemently resisted by the Carn Marth Trust. Offering a brief history of the Trust, he explained the aims and objectives of the Trust in preserving the area for the open enjoyment of all whilst employing necessary protective measures. One of the areas included was the disabled parking area owned by the Trust which was currently gated and locked to prohibit unauthorised use by travellers. If this became common land such restrictions would be removed, could be abused and would no longer afford suitable facilities to support the use of the open-air theatre. In order to carry out effective maintenance, repair fencing, effect safety measures unfettered access was required by the Trust. However, under the terms of Common Land registration such works would require permissions – this could be obtained but each application would cost in excess of £4 000. This would be far beyond the limited resources of the Trust and therefore works would not be undertaken and areas may fall into poor repair or present dangers.
    Council were most perturbed that no discussion had taken place with the Trust, Council or local community before such submission had been made and considered that such designation would be detrimental to the overall enjoyment of the area.
    It was resolved to strongly object to the proposal.

PC18/156: Parish Assets:
Toilets and Playing Fields:

  • Safety Inspections/signage and to receive report on damage and rectification to play equipment. All inspections continued to be undertaken by Cllr Wearne who also addressed any defects as they arose. The Lanner Life Facebook page had also offered alerts on matters which had unexpectedly arisen and Cllr Wearne had responded without delay. All repairs had been completed.
  • To receive update on progress with installations and testing of electricity sockets at toilets and to receive report on investigations into operation of hand dryers. Cllr Wearne had arranged rectification of the defect with supply and investigations with the operation of the handwasher/drier continued. It was hoped that this would be resolved in the near future. The external socket to offer power supply had been completed and this facility would prove most useful.
  • To receive report on installation of replacement curbing around barked areas. Cllr Wearne had arranged installation of all curbing and the bark areas were now safely and effectively retained.
    Once again Council thanked Cllr Wearne for extensive and diligent efforts in maintaining recreational areas.
  • To receive update on charging for use of toilets. This matter was still being investigated and a further report would be received at a future meeting.

Tresavean Trail:

  • To note erection of signage to prohibit vehicular access. The signage had been ordered and would be erected as soon as supplied.
  • To note any responses to letters to land owners and tenants re: prohibited vehicular access. No responses to note.

Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard:

  • To report site meeting to evaluate topographical survey to support improvement works. Cllr Wood advised that although the topographical survey had been received the size of print made it difficult to interpret. Larger print copies had been requested. In order to determine gradients at the entrance point and better estimate the amount of material that would need to be moved/removed a sectional survey was required. Resolved: to progress the project a sectional survey containing greater detail would be commissioned.
  • To note proposals for construction of pathway/turning head and parking area. Following a site meeting with Cllrs Wood, Luscombe and Wearne it was recommended that the surface of pathways be constructed with the use of specialist matting that would allow good drainage and afford adequate grip for vehicles and pedestrians. Once the gradient from the entrance had been established the exact length to the turning head would be easily plotted. The requirements for the hearse and following vehicles had been established and the advice of experienced Funeral Directors had been sought.
  • To report on meeting with Father Peter Fellows and Mr. J Cockhead to complete administration to effect ‘closure’ of the Churchyard and related matters. Cllr Wood advised that a positive meeting had taken place and paperwork obtained by the Church PCC had been completed and had been submitted to the Ministry of Justice. Once the Churchyard was officially ‘closed’ then it would be handed to the local authority to be maintained. Since the maintenance provided would be of a minimal level Council resolved to commence negotiations with Cornwall Council to pass responsibility to Council. This could allow a program of progressive works to be considered that would improve maintenance and safety standards at the Churchyard.

Church Green:

  • To report site of Japanese Knotweed and action taken to eradicate.
    A small patch of Japanese Knotweed had been reported as present at Church Green. Treatment had been arranged via Mr C Warne who is contracted for weed treatment in the parish.


  • To consider Licence to Occupy Land at Henscol from Cornwall Council. Cllr Wood advised that a Licence to Occupy land at Henscol had been received and although an unnecessarily lengthy document, would allow Council to adopt the maintenance of the area and confirmed that transfer of this asset would proceed once the legal team at Cornwall Council could accommodate the workload. Resolved: Cllr Wood would sign the agreement on behalf of Council.
  • To consider offer of a “planting licence” on area of adopted highway at Henscol. Discussions with Adrian drake, Highways/Environment Officer had indicated that it was possible for a ‘Planting Licence’ to be issued to Council to allow management of the tarmac area in front of the grassed area at Henscol. This would allow Council to maintain the current use and offer greater control if required. Planting would obviously not take place through the tarmac surface, but pots/planters could be placed if desired.
  • To consider tender for the cutting of grass at Henscol. Tender was received from Mr M Heather, Tidy Grounds, who is the current appointed Contractor. Resolved: the tender is accepted and the cutting schedule will follow that as for existing grass cutting – 16 cuts per year.
  • Tresavean. Investigations into the potential transfer of this land continued and information was being sought from Council’s insurers regarding potential increased liability. This would be a long-term project but it was hoped some progress would be made in the near future.
  • Entrance Splays Lanmoor Estate. Council currently maintained this area by cutting the grass. There is no budget available from Cornwall Council to undertake any further works or enhance the area. In order to maintain this to a fitting standard and formalise arrangements discussions had been had with Cornwall Council to transfer the areas not designated as highway and to grant a ‘Planting Licence’ for other sections. This would allow Council to proceed with works to tidy and significantly enhance this village feature.
    Resolved: to proceed to obtain transfer of land and obtain the required ‘Planting Licence’ with Cornwall Council. Proposals for further works would then be considered.

PC18/157: Date of next meeting: Date of next meeting: Thursday 25 October 2018

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.54 pm.


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