Lanner Parish Council Meeting 26 September 2019

Lanner Parish Council a meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday 26 September 2019 in Lanner Village Hall. Public Participation will be held at 7pm and the meeting will commence at 7.15pm. Members of the Council are summonsed to attend the meeting, to which press & public are invited. Business transacted will be according to the agenda below. By order of the Clerk, Mrs. E Youlton 19 September 2019.


1. To receive apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

3. To consider written requests for dispensation.

4. To receive report from Cornwall Councilor John Thomas

5. Administration:
• To accept minutes of the Council meeting held on 29 August 2019
• Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda.
• To report on Annual Parish Assembly/Community Awards held on 25 September
• To receive report from Clerk(s) for September 2019.
• To confirm advertisement of vacancy to be filled by co-option.
• To confirm attendance at Public Engagement Meeting, Governance Review, Heartlands,
1 October 2019.
• To receive information regarding proposed visit of NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group

6. Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:
• Clerk’s Salaries and reimbursements
Mrs. Moon – keyholder fees
Mr. Hall – village maintenance, cleaning and materials
Mr. Heather – maintenance programs
P Mahoney – Website updates
KC Warne – watering hanging baskets
A Strick – footpath maintenance
Cllr Wearne – reimbursements
Contract Signs – replacement interpretation board
Tesco stores – refreshments for Emergency Test event
Subscriptions – adobe, hp ink, office 365
Cornwall Council – rates Cemetery
and other approved accounts received after the preparation of this agenda

7. Highways and Transport – Cllrs Wearne and Wood
• Update on implementation of mobile speed activated signs and report of data recorded.
• To receive report following quarterly meeting with Adrian Drake, Cormac, rescheduled to 24 September
• To receive report on a request for a meeting on speed following recent inquest conclusion

8. MVRG/CPIR: – Cllrs Anson, Luscombe and Wood
• To receive report on CPIR Community Network Panel meeting
• To receive report on MVRG meeting

9. Parish Plan: Cllr Wood
• To receive comment on presentations to be offered at public consultation event on Saturday 16 November
• To confirm support from volunteers at this event

10. Planning:
• Any planning matters of an urgent nature.
• To receive report on meeting with Mark Broomhead, CC to consider planning and matters of enforcement.

11. Police Liaison:
• To receive report of police actions to address vandalism, anti-social behaviour and social cohesion.

12. Website – Cllr Wood
• To receive statistics relating to usage – previously circulated
• To confirm new date of meeting with Mr Paul Mahoney, Streamline Web-design to confirm requirements for redesigning of website: 3 October at 11 am.

13. United Downs – Deep Geothermal Project: – Cllr Bosworth
• To receive update on progress of the project and recent funding awards.

14. Christmas Lights: Cllr Marshall
• To receive update regarding supply of electricity to power Christmas lights at various locations, particularly, Lanner Square.
• To receive information following grant applications

15. Environment: Cllrs Luscombe, Repper, Wearne and Wood
• Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers
• To receive report regarding diversion of water course and subsequent erosion of path surfaces at Carn Marth.
• To receive update on repairs of handrail by CC at steps off Rough Street to footpath 21.
• To receive update on progress with application to add paths to the Definitive Map and update on further ‘drop in’ sessions.
• To receive information following meeting with Kevin Brader, CC to discuss actions to address use of Incident Report Cards, use of covert cameras at hotspots and collation of data to address fly tipping, littering and dog fouling.
• To receive information regarding support from Cornwall Fire Service to site CCTV at vulnerable locations to combat vandalism
• To receive report on progress with the reinstatement of a barrier along a section where the Tresavean Trail meets the Great Flat Lode, with the support and consent of Cornwall Council.
• To receive update on locations and treatment of Japanese Knotweed by Cormac

16. Community: Cllrs Anson, Bosworth, Luscombe, Marshall, Wearne & Wood
• To receive report following ‘Test’ exercise held on Saturday 21 September.
• To receive update following erratic and temporary loss of Post Office outreach services available at the Village Hall.
• To receive report following concert staged at Lanner Moor Playing Field by Lanner & District Silver Band.
• To confirm distribution of parish Newsletter
• To receive feedback from residents on articles contained in the Newsletter.
• To confirm repairs to interpretation board, at Carn Marth, following vandalism.
• To consider request for the adoption of the telephone box at Trevarth and further information

17. Parish Assets:
Toilets and Playing Fields: Cllr Wearne & Wood
• Safety Inspections
• To report on further vandalism to the toilets at Lanner Moor Playing Field and subsequent actions.

Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard: Cllr Wood
• To receive update on status of works.
• To receive update on ‘Service Level Agreement’, to support devolution of works and future management, from Cornwall Council following ‘closure’ of Churchyard

Lanmoor Entrance splays:
• To receive information from Cornwall Council regarding devolution with an interim license to occupy.

18. Correspondence:

19. Items for the next agenda.

20. Date of next meeting: Thursday 24 October 2019
Planning meeting: Thursday 10 October 2019

21. Confidential matters:
To consider future office facilities and storage.
In accordance with SO 78 the press and public will be excluded
from this item.

Clerk: Elaine Youlton 01209 200551,


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