Lanner Parish Council Meeting 26 July 2018

Lanner Parish Council – Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 26 July 2018 in the Village Hall, commencing 7:15pm.

Present: Cllr. Wood (Chair), Cllr Blewett, Cllr Bosworth and Cllr Wearne.
In attendance: Mrs E Youlton, Clerk.

PC18/99: Apologies for absence:
Cllr Luscombe (bereavement) Cllr Marshall (work commitment) Cllr Rabey (personal) Cllr Repper (holiday)

PC18/100: To receive report from Cornwall Councillor; Cllr John Thomas:
In the absence of Cllr Thomas, no report was received.

PC18/101: Declarations of pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof.

PC18/102: To consider written requests for dispensation:
None submitted.

PC18/103: Administration:

  • To accept minutes of the meeting held on 28 June 2018
    Resolved: Minutes of the meeting were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.
  • Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda.
  • Consideration of and response to alternative proposals put forward for new Cornwall Council Division boundaries.
    Council approved a draft response to suggestions by CC Ian Thomas and Mark Kaczmarek that a part of the parish should fall within a new Redruth South Division and affirmed its approval of the LGBCE recommendation previously circulated. The Clerk would reply accordingly.
  • Update on new email addresses for Councillors.
    Council were advised that the new email addresses had been created, with robust passwords, and were ready for circulation. Tests had been undertaken to consider the practicality of linking the new email address to existing accounts. This had proved more complex and didn’t offer a good level of accessibility when accessed via some devices. Further investigation would be carried out but it appeared that in order to ensure complete segregation of council business from personal accounts establishing completely separate email accounts looked the best option.
    Further tests and investigation would be undertaken, and email addresses would be circulated in due course.
  • To consider and approve new and revised Council policies and procedures
    There were no policies for consideration at this time although work continued on the review of procedural matters.

PC18/104: Financial Matters & Accounts for Payment:

Mr D HallVillage maint£445.42
Mrs D Moon Toilets£62.00
Mr M HeatherMaint. Progs.£1525.65
Mr. P Mahoney - StreamlineWebsite/ NDP£247.55
Mrs E Youltonreimbursement for hp ink and posters£80.39
Outdoor Play Peopleswing cradle£130.80
Cornwall Glassnotice boards£444.00
Warne’s Plantswatering hanging baskets£175.20
CALCtraining £360.00
Lanner Village Halllease/telephone/internet charge£2241.16
Mrs T Marshallreimbursement office supplies£816.00
Mrs T Marshallreimbursement office supplies£12.43
Mr Strickfootpath maintenance£2371.50
Mr T Wearnereimbursement materials - repairs£70.69
Staff costs£1535.80

Financial statements & payments for the month of July were presented to Council, approved and are appended to these Minutes. Full Accounts also appear on the website.

  • Council was advised that opening a new bank account that would offer the facility for online administration had met with difficulty as the required paperwork had been lost by Lloyds Bank. It was agreed that Council would not now seek to change bank to Lloyds but the Clerk would attend an appointment with current bankers, HSBC, to make a final attempt to change the existing account and be able to offer arrangements as previously requested. Full details of procedure would be included in the Financial Regulations which were currently being reviewed.

PC18/105: Highways and Transport

To receive report on a joint meeting to consider solutions to the problems of speed of traffic, congestion and on street parking at Bell Lane and Lanmoor Estate with Cornwall Council, Ward Member and Lanner School – Cllr Wood

Cllr Wood advised that the meeting was attended by Cornwall Cllr Thomas; Adrian Drake, Highways & Environment Officer, Cormac; Cllrs Wearne & Wood; the Acting Headteacher of Lanner School and Parent Governor Mrs Marshall.

A proposal had been mooted to prohibit all parking on the side of Bell Lane opposite the footpath leading to the school (from May Gardens to Lanner Hill) and also to prohibit parking in the hammerhead in Lanmoor at the school end.

It was hoped that such a measure would allow dropping off of school children but minimise the congestion which has been prevalent in recent times.

No scheme would be implemented though without majority consent from residents in the affected area and a consultation would need to be carried out.

If approved, Cormac would design and implement the work. Cost was likely to be in the region of £3,500 but could be as much as £5,000.

It was resolved that Council supported this project in principle and would consider making a financial contribution should other match funding be made available. Contact would be made with the new Headteacher in September to progress this matter and support consultation.

  • To receive update on mapping of car parking on A393
    Work continued, and records were being collated of parking patterns on different days of the week and for different times of the day. A full report would be compiled for the next meeting.
  • To consider the effect of proposed changes in respect of school bus service from/to Lanner and Redruth.
    Following discussions during Public Participation when the difficulties facing pupils travelling to Redruth School had been highlighted Council resolved the following:
  • To contact Officers responsible for transport at Cornwall Council and ascertain if it was possible to increase the size of the vehicle contracted to carry ‘non-fee paying’ pupils so that seats could be sold to other students;
  • To discuss the possibilities of re routing the U2 Service, provided by First, to ensure a stop in closer proximity to the school;
  • To seek further information and if necessary campaign to improve locker/drying facilities at the school so outdoor clothing could be effectively dried and stored during the school day.

PC18/106: To receive report on MVRG meeting of 5 July 2018 and reports to be considered at the CPIR meeting on 5 September – Clerk and Cllr Wood
An overview of the items discussed at the last meeting was provided by the Clerk and included GDPR and Planning Enforcement, the proposed police merger, Composite Agency Agreement, Devolution Fund for Highways and the trails website.

Cllr Wood reported that a sub group of the MVRG had met to finalise the detail of the proposal for a stand-alone rural Community Network Panel for the Mining Villages submitted to CC Edwina Hannaford, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods. CC Hannaford was to attend the next meeting of the group when questions relating to this and other matters including Devolution would be addressed. The Group was also giving further consideration to making changes to increase participation in and public awareness of its operation; this may include changing meeting times, invitations to appropriate speakers and the release of information to the press.

PC18/107: To receive update on progress of project to offer activities to support the development life skills for under 18-year-old – Cllr Wood.
All the activities had been confirmed and facilitators appointed. Details of the full programme and a booking form were available on the website and advertising had been made and would continue throughout the programme.

PC18/108: To receive report on progress with First Aid Training as part of the Emergency Plan – Cllr Marshall
Council was advised that the booking of this training was confirmed for Monday 24th September 2018. There was a total of 12 places available and three had so far been accepted by members of the Methodist Church. Wider advertising would be made as the main criteria for qualification was to offer a high level of availability to support the Emergency Plan if it was called into action.

PC18/109: To consider format for Parish Meeting to be held on Wednesday 19 September 2018 – Cllr Wood.
It was agreed that, subject to final discussion at the August meeting, the format would be an introduction from the Chairman outlining some of the key issues in front of the community – rather than a review of the past year. After a Q & A session, those attending would be invited to discuss particular subjects (Emergency Plan, NDP, Definitive Map) at “stalls” around the Hall which will also include stalls or tables providing information and discussion points for community groups (such as Neighbourhood Watch, Carn Marth Trust, Band, churches, sports groups).

PC18/110: To consider response to the survey on the proposed merger of Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police – Cllr Wood.
The consultation of the merger of Dorset and Devon & Cornwall police had been circulated to Councillors.
A set of questions had been submitted from the MVRG to the Police & Crime Commissioner, Alison Hernandez indicating that there was insufficient information available to offer an informed reply to the survey. Council strongly supported this opinion and it was resolved to support the request for the supply of further information to facilitate informed responses.

PC18/111: To consider matters for the attention of the Economic Growth & Development Seminar to be held at Heartlands on 25 October – Cllr Wood
Information relating to this meeting had been previously circulated and Cllr Wood would attend on behalf of Council. Suggested matters for the attention of the seminar were invited. Cllr Blewett expressed his concerns regarding the deterioration of air quality as a result of substantially increased development. Cllr Wood suggested that other matters may include reduction/suspension of rates for small businesses in their first year, support for self-employed and those working from home and, over all, increased support for tourism and food industries.
Any further matters could be highlighted to Cllr Wood who would compile and put forward points if afforded the opportunity.

PC18/112: Parish Plan Review and Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Wood

  • To consider appointment of Examiner.
    Council was advised that the appointment of an Examiner had not yet been made and would be made by the Council/Steering Group. As the NDP passed through the Submission Consultation stage CC would supply details of potential examiners and selection would be made. At this stage is was not known how many Examiners would tender for the role but further information was anticipated in the near future.
  • To report on progress to Examination and placement of hard copies of draft submission.
    The consultation period had commenced and had been advertised. Hard copies of the draft plan were held at the parish office, Redruth Library, Lanner Surgery, Lanner Methodist church and Christchurch. Opportunity was available for the document to be read but all comments must be submitted in writing to be included with the consultation feedback.

PC18/113: Planning:

  • Application PA18/06479
    Proposal: Various works to Elm Tree
    Location: 30 Strawberry Fields Lanner TR16 5TD
    Applicant Pluck and Hall
    Resolved: Council offers no objections to this proposal.
  • To consider the consultation on proposed new Planning Application Validation measures.
    Cllr Wood advised that a draft Planning Application Validation Guide had been received from Cornwall Council and he had made considerable proposed corrections and amendments, tabled a series of questions and the annotated document had been circulated to Cllrs. It was resolved that this be submitted to Cornwall Council. Thanks, were expressed to Cllr Wood for his considerable efforts in addressing this complex document.

PC18/114: Environment:

  • Footpaths: To receive reports from Volunteer Footpath Walkers
    Council noted that the cutting of all paths included within the LMP agreement had been completed and additionally those paths proposed for inclusion on the Definitive Map had also received cut to vegetation. Walkers in many areas had indicated that paths were clear and praised Mr Strick, Contractor for his excellent work.
  • To receive report on specific paths identified for addition to the definitive map and progress with obtaining witness statements to support applications to record undesignated paths onto the definitive map. – Cllr Repper.
    This matter was ongoing, and it would take considerable time for sufficient and detailed witness statements to be compiled. Invitation to make such statements would be reiterated to residents at every opportunity and Cllr Repper continued to work hard on this project. Contact had been sought with the Footpaths Officer of Stithians Parish Council who had previous experience of this exercise and any assistance gratefully accepted.
  • Environmental crime – reports of fly tipping, off road motor bikes and dog poo.
    Cllr Wearne reported that he had encountered three motor bikes travelling along the Tramway and along with companions, blocked their further passage. Unfortunately, distress had been caused to a dog walker using the path who found it difficult to get out of the way. The matter had been reported to the police so that a log was created but due to the surprise and speed of the riders and vehicles no evidence of identification could be offered. The matter would also be referred to the Forum working to eradicate this problem.
  • To receive update on activities/actions at Wheal Buller
    No additional information was available at this time. This matter would be discussed further with Cllr Luscombe and the Cornwall Council Officers who were due to complete site visits.
  • To receive report on progress with installation of mobile CCTV
    The required signage was now ready for collection and this would be arranged as soon as possible so that erection of the CCTV could be made.

PC18/115: Parish Assets:
Toilets and Playing Fields:

  • Safety Inspections/signage
    Cllr Wearne continued to complete all weekly/monthly inspections and had addressed all minor defects. He was currently arranging repairs to the toilet lights and this would be completed as soon as possible. In order to support the operation of power tools to complete remedial works an external electrical socket would be useful. The cost of installation would be to a maximum of £150 and it was resolved to proceed with these works.
  • To note installation of picnic benches
    Three benches had been installed and a fourth would be once required repairs had been completed. Positive feedback had been received from both parents and children regularly using the playing field.
  • To note completion of all remedial works – Cllr Wearne
    Following the annual safety inspection minor defects had been noted. Cllr Wearne had completed most of the repairs himself and had arranged contractors to complete all other repairs. It was noted that these were now all complete and thanks were expressed to Cllr Wearne for his continued efforts and monitoring.

Lawn Cemetery & Churchyard

  • To consider quotations for topographical survey to support improvement works.
    A quotation for the required survey had been received at a cost of £340 +VAT. This would allow the consideration of levels, ground type and drainage to be considered by the contractor in greater detail. It was resolved to accept the quotation from 3D Land Surveys Ltd.

Tresavean Trail

  • To consider progress in developments for regularising vehicular access along the Trail off Chapel Hill. Further information had been received from Council’s solicitor who had advised that from a legal point of view it is sufficient to notify the relevant parties that they are prohibited from using a particular right of way as this puts an end to any attempt to claim a right of way through long use, because to do so one must use the right without either the permission or prohibition of the land owner.
    Therefore, formal letters sent to the land owners together with a sign prohibiting the use of the access will be enough from a legal point of view.

The placement of boulders on the path would certainly make the point more forcefully, and there should be no problem should the council choose so to do, whether permanently or temporarily, but it will not have an effect, one way or another, on the legal position if notices are sent as explained above.

Based on this advice Council resolved to issue letters accordingly to owners and tenants of land adjacent to the Tresavean Trail and to erect appropriately worded signage to advise potential users of the trail. At this time boulders would not be placed to prohibit such access but this may be reviewed if considered necessary to protect the surface of the trail if such prohibited use continue.


  • Land at Henscol – response from Cornwall Council. There had been no further response from Cornwall Council in the form of letter of intent of transfer and licence agreement to maintain any areas of open space. It had been confirmed that this matter was being managed as part of a queue of similar devolution packages.
    Council noted that this was likely to be a protracted process as although Cornwall Council had committed to proceed with devolution it had failed to ensure that sufficient resources were available to process the legal and formal requirements.
  • Tresavean: Council had previously been advised that in order to proceed with further discussions on this matter the support of the local Ward Member must be submitted to Cornwall Council, in writing. Despite a brief being offered and an invitation being extended to CC John Thomas to meet and discuss this no response or confirmation of meeting date had been received. Council had also offered to provide clerical support with the written submission to Cornwall Council.
    Cllr Wood advised that since the area and suggested protection of the land had been supported by parishioners and was contained within the NDP it was possible to proceed regardless of the involvement of Cllr Thomas.
    Council resolved to continue to address this issue with the appropriate officers within CC and the Portfolio Holder CC Edwina Hannaford. It was greatly hoped that the volunteers and pledges of support for undertaking environmental/wildlife surveys, particularly from the University, would not be lost das a result of such considerable delays.

PC18/116: Correspondence:
Emails: Mr Rule – speed of traffic at South Downs. Comments were noted and Council was advised that Mr Rule would attend a future meeting to voice his grave concerns and discuss methods to reduce the speed of traffic.

Mrs Sowell – weed spraying. Council was advised that concern had been expressed that the weed treatment sprayed at kerbsides may have caused the death of Mrs Sowell’s cat. Full investigation had been made into the products used and the matter had been discussed with the contractor. Council concluded that there was no reason to think that the chemical used had caused any harm to the animal and the coincidence was most unfortunate.

PC18/118: Date of next meeting: Thursday 30 August 2018

  • Planning Meeting: Tuesday 14 August 2018
  • Parish Meeting: Wednesday 19 September 2018

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.01 pm.


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