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Invite to a Private Photography View!

Discover Smartphone Photography – Redruth an exhibition of prints
Contact- Ruth Purdy 07800 586315

Private view 11AM -1PM Tuesday 26th October 2021

Join us to see how photography can support health and happiness in our communities. #towardszero

In September 2021, we ran 4 workshops at Kresen Kernow looking at the 5 elements of  photography and exploring how we can learn to say something new about the world around us.

Photography can be used to develop our curiosity, helping us to look out and externalise our thoughts. Over the last month we’ve met up for gentle walks, visiting different landmarks around Redruth, looking at places and things we might often ignore on our way to somewhere else. #activelooking

Each week the group undertook a photographic challenge, a theme to be interpreted creatively in our own unique way. These tasks gave us the opportunity to express ourselves, engage in a creative flow and say something new about ourselves and our community. #Tell our story

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of maintaining good mental health. The 5 ways of wellbeing are everyday actions that have been shown to make us feel better and happier, over the last 8 weeks we have engaged in all of these. #phototherapy

This project received a Suicide Prevention and Innovation Award in 2020. The more we talk about suicide, the more people who have painful feelings of suicide feel comfortable to talk about it. We explored how a caring conversations can save the life of someone who is at risk of suicide. #activelistening

Make it better (mitber) CIC is a social enterprise set up in 2017, we support communities to live well through the arts. It was fun for me to learn about Redruth from people who know and love the place. We run smartphone photography workshops, online challenges, location meet ups and exhibitions around Cornwall, if you are interested, get in touch.

Best wishes
Ruth Purdy


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