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Important consultation from Cornwall Council


This contains proposed planning policies that will affect us all.

Lead by Cllr Ashley Wood Lanner Parish Council has considered this document and received comments from, Councillors, volunteers involved in the NDP and other interested parties. A very detailed response has been compiled by Ashley and submitted to Cornwall Council.

Cornwall Council have acknowledged receipt and advised:

‘Your views are important and have been noted. Your comments and expert evidence help to make sure the planning policies proposed to address climate change are the right ones.
When this consultation period concludes we will report back to Councillors and publish a summary of feedback. We will include recommendations for changes to the draft policies in the document.

There will be another stage of consultation following this one. We will consult next on the complete DPD before submission for inspection in public. The timing for the stage and reporting will be subject to the changing Covid-19 situation.

Cornwall Council view the Climate Emergency DPD as an important part of our response to the climate emergency and our ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030. Whilst the Government paper proposes a range of reforms to the planning system, including changing the role of local plans, these proposals are subject to consultation and require legislative changes. As such the Council remains committed to continuing the preparation of the DPD as currently timetabled.’

All this means that you still have chance to be involved and LPC would be delighted to hear your opinions and suggestions, so do contact us if you would like to know more or wish to make a representation.

The full documents can be viewed within the Climate Change section on the website or by clicking the link here.

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