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Extending Lawn Cemetery Preparation

Work continues at the Lanner Lawn cemetery with the creation of a vehicular access and extended ground to accommodate further internments and include Natural Burial. Part of the new ‘driveway’ has been completed with matting laid and filled, the short stretch of tarmac at the entrance will follow soon. Once the gates have been installed, we will be fast approaching being able to bring this area into use and can complete the required digital mapping of grave spaces.

We are grateful to support from Cllrs Luscombe and Wearne who have worked hard to design the area and are currently working on planting schemes to soften the stonework. Support from a local businessman will enable the area to be seeded and contractor Mike Caddy of Caddy Construction will return to finalise the creation of a tranquil space where loved ones can rest.

Further details regarding the Lawn Cemetery are on the website or enquiries can be directed to the Clerk.



Cllr Marshall, Assistant Clerk Teresa, Stacey Williams, young people William, Finn, Isabella, Kieran and Euan have been busy supporting a Council project. The removal of stones is key to ensuring good preparation of the ground ahead of rolling and seeding and they have certainly collected lots!

The project to extend the facilities offered at the Lawn Cemetery, that will see the inclusion of a natural burial site, is being led by Cllrs Luscombe and Wearne and it is hoped to be completed soon. A local business owner has kindly agreed to roll and seed the area, but the preparation of the ground is key to long term grass growth. The removal of stones provided hard work for the team and although Isabella doesn’t look too impressed in the photo, they looked like they had some fun too!

A huge thank you to all involved in delivering this project.


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