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Community Speedwatch Team

We know that reducing the speed of traffic is a number one priority for residents. In 2019 Council purchased a Mobile Speed Activated Sign and you will have seen this deployed at various points in Lanner. The data makes frightening reading!

It is proven that speed of traffic can be reduced still further if a Community Speedwatch Team operates patrols in the same vicinity. Council resolved to try and establish an additional team and this project will be led by Cllr Chris Bosworth. We have received approval to proceed from the police so now all we need are some willing volunteers.

Teams operate in three’s at approved safe sites and by the use of a hand held detection device track speed, other team members keep records of registration numbers. All this data is passed to the police and legal action may result.

Please contact Council or Cllr Bosworth directly to sign up as a volunteer. We aim to start formal registration and online training in the new year.

By working together and using all the resources we have available we can reduce the speed of traffic and make Lanner a safer place to live and work.

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