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Parish Plan

Welcome to the Lanner Parish Plan.

These pages are an on-going, developing programme showing how our community sees itself evolving over the next ten years or so. It is very much “work in progress”. We invite comment, suggestions and criticism from anyone interested in Lanner, whether or not you live or work here. Please do send us your thoughts which will certainly be taken up in the debate.

The need for a Parish Plan had been discussed for some years by Lanner Parish Council but it was never taken forward: primarily because there seemed little enthusiasm for the process in the community overall, and partly because residing in the parish were also three district councillors including a county councillor who were alive to local issues at both those tiers of government.

This situation changed in 2009. First, the creation of Cornwall Council as a unitary authority meant the abolition of the district councils. The loss of the district council, and representation at that level of decision making, generated a concern that decisions could and would be made affecting the community with reduced, or indeed no, local input. Second, a proposal to build 25 new “local needs” homes on a green site without a proper survey of actual need and against local wishes provided a clear example of why a parish plan was required as an expression of local aspirations which could help decision makers avoid conflicts with the community.



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