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Neighbourhood Development Plan

Welcome to the Lanner Neighbourhood Plan.

The aim of this Plan is to describe a series of policies which seek, first and foremost, to encourage and direct the conservation and enhancement of the natural and physical environment for the benefit of all who live in, work in or visit the parish. Lanner village and its surrounds were forged from the 19th century mining industries and it bears proud scars from those times which merit sensitive management for community benefit.

At the same time, as a community, we are alive to the fact that controlled growth is necessary to sustain and nurture our economy and existing infrastructure such as village shops and community buildings whilst also facilitating improvements in infrastructure such as school and land drainage.

There is, in addition, a need to provide for changing patterns in the size of households, particularly for smaller homes with easy access to village facilities, which has not been adequately addressed to date. The effects and requirements of longer life expectancy and also smaller family units within the community demand attention.

It is worthy of mention that the value of the process of producing this Plan is probably as great as the Plan itself. It has stimulated wide ranging discussions, has brought people together and, although hard work, has been satisfying and enjoyable.

Thanks to all who have made contributions to the shaping of our community.

Ashley Wood. FRICS.

Chairman. Lanner Parish Council.


To read the Lanner NDP Click Here.