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Community Awards 2021/22

Although delayed by covid restrictions, in the end Council has had chance to say a huge thank you and well done to all those who volunteer in the community.

Council was delighted to offer awards for outstanding contributions with our community.

At a special evening the following awards were presented:


Outstanding Neighbour 2021/22 

The value of good neighbours has been recognised more than ever because of the pandemic, having care and support from others is to be celebrated. This year the award is presented to somebody who does lots of acts of kindness that are often not known about. This support offered within our community often helps more than is realised by those offering such thoughtfulness.

The person who made this nomination said:

“This person does shopping, delivers me home cooked meals, escorts me on walks as well as offering friendship and guidance. I have visits every day and after my partner died, I would have had a serious breakdown had it not been for such wonderful kindness and care.

The Outstanding Neighbour 2021/22 was awarded to Geoffrey Olds. 


Outstanding Contribution to a Community Project 

Two people were the main stays of this project and each of them is equally recognised.  

These people really acted fast in response to the covid pandemic. Immediately recognising that there was a need to offer support in the community they soon established the Lanner Covid Mutual Aid Group. They delivered leaflets to many homes to advise of the support services being made available, recruited volunteers, and then coordinated services to those in need. These included shopping, collecting medicines and helping people to cope with isolation during the ‘stay at home’ order.

The person who made this nomination said:

“The pandemic was very frightening, especially for the elderly and vulnerable. To know that help was available was very comforting. The people who arranged this should be congratulated for a such selfless acts of kindness.”

Outstanding Contribution to a Community Project 2021/22 was awarded to Nathaniel Squire and Beth Garnett.  


Parish Council Award 2021/22

This award was presented to a lady who is a real ‘Madame Cholet’ of the wombling kind! This lady is to be seen daily walking around the parish collecting litter from roadsides, pavements and hedges. She covers footpaths, estates, and rural roads to make sure that the area is maintained as litter free as possible. It has been noticed that she is also training her granddaughter in the art of litter picking too.

This person also plants on hedges at Strawberry Fields to make the place attractive to residents and visitors and really cares about the local area.

The person who made this nomination said:

“As a volunteer it would be great if all her continued efforts could be recognised so that she knows her work is appreciated. People like her make Lanner a better place to live. Thank you.”

 The Parish Council Award for 2021/22 was awarded to Sue Medcalf. 


Young person of the Year 2021/22 

This award was awarded to a young person who has become a familiar face at many of our events and has been a regular at the Council office. This young person began helping with packing Newsletters and soon wanted to learn more about local government. He has helped with practical tasks, learnt lots about the things a parish council does and completed a multitude of things to contribute to that workload.

This young man has faced some tough struggles over the past few years, after contracting lymes disease, but hasn’t let that diminish his determination. He has been a pleasure to work with and a real credit to himself, his family, and his school.

His nomination said: “To see a young person taking interest in local government is exceptional, I think all his efforts, especially for volunteering, should be rewarded. Well done and thanks from the community.”

The Young Person of the Year 2021/22 was awarded to Kieran Williams.  


Special thanks were extended to Mr Brendon &Mrs Vanessa O Shea for their sterling efforts to pot trees , support for Lanner Village Hall and crafting a new lectern that is available for Council and other community Groups. 

Members of the Christmas Lights Team, Community Speed Watch and Community Gardeners/Tree planters were also commended for their efforts to benefit the community.