Christmas Lights for Lanner – statement from Lanner Parish Council

A huge thank you to all volunteers and Councillors for all their efforts to ensure Lanner is once again lit up for Christmas.

As reported in our Newsletter, earlier this year, the provision of Christmas lights at Lanner Square hung in the balance. All the wiring and connections that had previously supported the lights had failed and it looked highly likely that the cost of replacement would be too great to meet.

Since the lights have been considerably enhanced in recent years and brought a great deal of pleasure to both local residents and those travelling through Lanner, Council resolved to commit financial reserves of over £3,000 to support replacement wiring and a new electrical connection. This was also generously supported by grant funding of £2000 from the Geothermal Project at United Downs.

Jane Charman, UDDGP Community relations Manager commented: ‘the panel recognised the importance of a festive displays to the mental wellbeing of residents and were delighted to offer support to a project that really delivered the ‘feel good’ factor.’

The task of arranging this in a very tight timescale has been greater than anticipated but with assistance from staff at Western Power Distribution, Cornwall Council, Lowri Beck metering services and the efforts of Council we will make it!

Thanks to the huge generosity of an anonymous donation, the festoon lights have been replaced and will offer an even brighter display this year. The rest of the lights are now all in position and the tree, courtesy of donation from Bill Bannister Estate Agent, arrives on Saturday 30, when once again volunteers will brave the elements to erect and decorate.

The celebration to switch on all the displays, including Lanmoor Estate, Lanner Hill, will take place at Lanner Playing Field on Friday 6 December. Displays at some locations are only possible due to the courtesy and generosity of local residents who provide the power supply, and this is deeply appreciated.

In a change to past years and mindful of the avoidance of use of single use plastic, children at Lanner School have been busy making ‘Angel Lanterns’ from willow. With support from Mrs O’Shea, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Pascoe, Mrs Pulley, Mrs Walters the creations will add an extra special touch to this year’s parade; once the lanterns are released from storage in Mrs Luke’s cleaning cupboard!!

Again, another change to this year! The parade will leave Lanner School at 6.30pm, accompanied by the Haylestorm Samba Band and process to Lanner Moor Playing Field. There new displays will be illuminated at 7 pm. We hope as many residents as possible will join the parade, carrying lights, decorations or even in fancy dress to create a festive spirit.

At the Playing Field there will be the Cornish Barista serving hot drinks, Lanner Band serving hot food, Lanner Hill Scouts roasting chestnuts all with musical entertainment from Lanner Band Academy and further rendition from Haylestorm Samba. Other sweet treats will be served free of charge. Father Christmas on his sleigh will be dropping in with presents for all well-behaved children!

There is no charge for entry, no charge for gifts from Father Christmas and some foods will also be offered without charge. This is all down to the generosity of donations from volunteers and support from Council. Last year we served 200 mince pies, biscuits and chocolate delights which had been donated to be shared all in the spirit of giving!

The Parish Council hopes that many residents will be able to join what has become a growing celebration – in fact so large that to use Lanner Square has become prohibitive! The cost and management of ‘road closure’ would mean far less investment in lights and the risk to safety would be too high. With cars parked at the Square, people requiring vehicular access there and to Rough Street, cars turning from the A393 (never mind the speed of passing traffic) means that it is not only unsafe but irresponsible to continue to have such a large gathering of people – particularly young children! The pavement used by the procession is narrow in parts on this route and last year there was a near miss when a child stepped off the pavement into the A393!

Such risks cannot continue and are not approved by the Council’s insurance company.

So instead let’s embrace change, all join in the spirit that is intended, come together as a community, share in friendship and support and feel grateful for the donations and volunteers that have made this possible.

Don’t forget a pound in the collection boxes will certainly help obtain more lights for next year and if you would like to join the happy crew that deliver all this why not email your interest to the Parish Council. We can guarantee good fun as well as freezing cold hands!

Happy Christmas Lanner!


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