Road Resurfacing

Wide ranging road resurfacing works have been scheduled to take place across the county. Here is a list of those scheduled to take place in Lanner Parish with completion likely by the 30th September 2017. The many others can be looked up on Cornwall Council’s website but, as there are no firm start dates, you may wish to simply rely on advance warning redirection signs.

For the following surface treatment works a 10mph speed limit will apply rather than a diversion.

It is anticipated that the works will take a maximum of 14 days to complete which may be on consecutive days or on separate days depending upon site, weather conditions and the works required. Advanced Warning signs will be placed on site at least 7 days before the planned commencement of the works.  Works will take place 7 days a week

Lanner Hill from Lanner Green to Lanmoor Estate

Lanner Moor from Lanmoor Estate to Tresavean Hill

The following surface treatment works will require road closure. Similar time estimates and conditions will apply as above. Residents and emergency vehicles will be allowed access.

Road from Pennance Road to the B3298 via Trevarth

From Trevarth Terrace to the B3298

Bell Veor, Lanner – full length of road will be affected

Higher Tresavean Terrace – full length of road will be affected

Road from Lanner Moor to Trevarth – full length of road will be affected

Road from District Boundary to A393 Gwennap/Lanner full length of road will be affected

Tretharrup, Lanner from its junction with Tresavean for approx. 50m East of that junction


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